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Skin Tears Treatment Market Grows Against Backdrop of Continuous Innovations and Healthcare Expenditure, Says FMI

Medical specialists are shifting away from traditional approaches of acute wound prevention, treatment, and monitoring. As innovation continues to disrupt healthcare sector, skin tears treatment market is set to follow positive growth trail. However, lack of skilled professionals remains a matter of concern, especially in developing and under-developed regions.

North America and East Asia are grabbing considerable attention of market players on grounds of increasing healthcare investments. FMI, in its new business intelligence study, opines that global skin tears treatment market currently values ~US$ 400 Mn, and is projected to grow 1.4x over forecast period (2019-2029).

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Moisture-Retentive Dressing Maintains its Hegemony

FMI reveals that skin tears treatment based on moisture-retentive dressing, such as foam dressing, observes greater traction versus their dressing counterparts. Moisture-retentive dressing enables faster epithelialization, decreases pain, fibrosis, and infection, and produces better outcomes. In addition, it provides moist environment essential for softening of necrotic tissue and its eventual removal from wounds.

Leading market players are undergoing consistent innovation in moisture-retentive dressing. While different gels & creams are contributing to stakeholders’ bottom lines, there are strong chances that hyaluronic acid wound devices and 2-octyl cyanoacrylate topical bandages are expected to garner significant prominence.

Preview analysis of 2019 Analysis and Review of Skin Tears Treatment Market by Product Moisture-retentive Dressing, Dressing Adhesives & Fixators, Barrier Films, Hyaluronic Acid Wound Devices, Contact Layer Dressing, 2-octyl Cyanoacrolate Topical Bandages, Gels & Cream, and Skin Closure Strips for 2019 – 2029:

Sales Concentrated Via Retail Pharmacies

Sales of skin tears treatment products remain concentrated via retail pharmacies, says FMI. In addition, deepening penetration of internet along with demand for convenience have paved way for online pharmacy stores. In a bid to align with fast-evolving scenario, prominent players in the skin tears treatment market are focusing on omni-channel tactic. Further, FMI discovers steady increase in sales of skin tears treatment products through mail order pharmacy.

North America Leading the Way, East Asia Displays Rapid Growth

North America currently leads global skin tears treatment market with about a third market share. While the East Asian market is exhibiting promising growth, majorly represented by China. The growth is attributed to increasing incidences of acute wounds, including skin tears. Governments in both regions are significantly investing in healthcare sector in post-acute situations. Furthermore, healthcare professionals are organizing campaigns to spread awareness regarding advanced wound management techniques.

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Analysts at FMI opine that “Market of skin tears treatment is expected to grow on back of favorable government regulations and increasing awareness programs for healthcare professionals about wound management. Further, market players are targeting developing countries for better returns owing to increasing incidents of acute wounds.”

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