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Sequitur Labs’ EmSPARK 2.0 Security Suite Earns PSA Certified Status

Company’s IoT Security Framework for Connected Devices Meets Consortium’s Specifications to Ensure Trusted Security Levels are Met

SEATTLE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sequitur Labs today announced that its EmSPARK™ 2.0 Security Suite is now PSA Certified, ensuring that the product conforms to globally recognized security principles and best practice. The certification demonstrates independent security assessment of the platform and provides peace of mind to device makers and consumers that the technology meets a recognized security baseline.

PSA Certified (co-founded by Arm, Brightsight, CIACT, Prove & Run, Riscure, TrustCB and UL) provides a comprehensive approach to security evaluation that is comprised of a multi-level scheme that is aligned to NIST and ETSI cybersecurity baseline requirements. The security testing is based on third-party lab evaluation that builds trust through independent checking of generic IoT platform components, including the PSA Root of Trust (source of integrity and confidentiality), the system software and the device application.

The EmSPARK Security Suite was designed to address solutions in industries where embedded security is paramount -- such as industrial control, building automation, the smart home, machine vision, automotive communication, and medical devices. By becoming PSA Certified, Sequitur is providing a demonstrable level of capabilities to device manufacturers that EmSPARK’s embedded firmware, keys and security-critical assets remain trusted and secure throughout the entire lifecycle.

“We understand the nuance between our saying the EmSPARK Security Suite provides a robust security framework and having an independent security consortium affirm the same claim,” said Philip Attfield, Co-founder and CEO, Sequitur Labs. “By gaining PSA Certified status, we are helping to provide manufacturers interested in leveraging EmSPARK with a tangible way to ensure their devices remain secure with the firmware, tools and APIs needed to properly execute IoT protection. While the level of protection that we offer hasn’t changed, IoT manufactures now have increased confidence that their devices are properly secured to a declared industry-standard.”

“To ensure confidence in embedded technologies, security must be designed-in from the ground up, starting with the hardware, and extending throughout the system using secure software,” said Andy Rose, chief system architect and fellow at Arm. “Sequitur Labs has successfully achieved PSA Certified Level 1, demonstrating a critical security baseline which will ensure developers can build trust into future IoT devices.”

Built on three pillars of product security – design, build and sustain – EmSPARK uses the Arm® TrustZone® architecture extension to create a safe-and-secure environment for critical device data and applications. Supporting security functions for encryption, storage, data transmission and key/certificate management are delivered by EmSPARK and housed in the secure environment. IoT hardware manufacturers use EmSPARK to easily implement device-level security by addressing all the technical, IP, supply chain and business process challenges. Developers can easily build applications that use secure resources without having to become experts in cryptography and complex hardware security technologies.

Additional information about the PSA Certified process and security assurance is available at and

About Sequitur Labs

Sequitur Labs is developing seminal technologies to improve trust in a connected world, reducing the cost and complexity to build secure embedded and IoT devices. Sequitur’s products span a range of disciplines required for trusted computing, from boot through the full device lifecycle. Sequitur’s security solutions provide real business value to device makers, such as reducing BoM costs, protecting revenue by thwarting IP theft, improving product reliability and reducing liability, and improving device lifecycle management processes. To learn more about Sequitur Labs' security platform, visit us at or send an Email.


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