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Clinerion and Medexprim join forces to combine clinical and imaging data for research.

Clinerion and Medexprim have concluded a three-year partnership dedicated to the merger of electronic health records and imaging data into a private clinical data cloud warehouse dedicated to research. Clinerion is the worldwide leader in medical data informatics, radically improving efficiency in patient search and identification, increasing effectiveness in clinical research and accelerating the process of drug development to ensure an earlier availability of medicines. Medexprim, the European expert in generating regulatory-grade datasets of aggregated images and clinical data, builds bridges between hospitals and biopharmaceutical companies to accelerate clinical research, and helps biopharmaceutical companies access specific datasets and design more successful, cost effective and faster clinical trials. Clinerion and Medexprim will set up a joint offering which allows access to de-identified, enriched, longitudinal data points derived from complex medical data sets, which combine electronic health records and their corresponding clinical images, to improve research and help patients receive better care. This collaboration will accelerate and expand Clinerion’s and Medexprim’s networks of hospital partners and accelerate the implementation of a clinical data warehouse globally accessible via a proprietary cloud. The value of imaging data is recognized for its high clinical utility and value in the end-to-end evidence management process, notably in oncology, which is the top therapeutic area for clinical trials. Barış Erdoğan, CEO of Clinerion, says: “We are delighted to have partnered with Medexprim as we see a tremendous value in associating our access to the millions of electronic health records of our patients with their associated clinical images. We are keen to continue providing context to the pharmaceutical industry on disease development, tumor stages and rare diseases, and deliver high resolution information resulting from these two data classes. Ultimately, Clinerion is continuing to fulfil its mission of enabling a more granular patient data access for pre-screening, site selection and trial design, as well as providing much richer disease information to the clinical value chain.” Romain Cazavan, CEO of Medexprim, says: “We are more than happy to announce our partnership with Clinerion. Clinerion's and Medexprim’s complementary expertise will enable more European university hospitals to leverage their Real-World data and will accelerate the implementation of a clinical data warehouse in the service of clinical research and the well-being of patients. Medical imaging plays an instrumental role in clinical research: imaging is a non-invasive tool, it allows screening and stratification of patients, can reduce study budget and drug development time and accelerate regulatory approvals. Medexprim specializes in extracting complex datasets composed of clinical data, images, biology and genomics based on retrospective data. We aim to create multicentric and multiomics data lakes per disease, develop imaging biomarkers to diagnose and evaluate treatment response, introduce some biostatistics methodology to identify new patients to be included in clinical research studies but also to build synthetic control arms." About Clinerion Clinerion accelerates clinical research and medical access to treatments for patients. We generate real-world data from our global network of partner hospitals for Real World Evidence analyses. Clinerion's Patient Network Explorer radically improves the efficiency and effectiveness of clinical trial recruitment by offering data-driven protocol optimization, site feasibility evaluation and real-time patient search and identification to match patients to treatments. Clinerion facilitates the participation of partner hospitals in leading-edge, industry-sponsored trials and time savings in patient recruitment. Researchers gain access to real-time, longitudinal patient data from electronic health records for analysis. We enable pharmaceutical companies, CROs and SMOs to shorten patient recruitment and save costs by streamlining operations and leveraging strategic intelligence. Clinerion’s Patient Network Explorer also provides a platform for integration of diverse patient data sources into real-world data ecosystems. Clinerion’s proprietary technologies comply with international patient privacy and data security regulations. Clinerion is a global data technology service company headquartered in Switzerland. Clinerion website: Clinerion’s Patient Network Explorer: For more information, please contact: Le Vin Chin Director, Head of Marketing & Communications Clinerion Ltd Elisabethenanlage 11, 4051 Basel, Switzerland Tel.: +41 61 865 60 54 About Medexprim Medexprim, based in Toulouse, Paris, London and Boston, is the European leader in imaging data and clinical data extraction to accelerate clinical research. An accelerator of hospital clinical research and a tool for leveraging the data of its partner hospitals, Medexprim helps biopharmaceutical companies access specific datasets and design more successful, cost effective and faster clinical trials, through a network of European academic hospitals and global data partners. With R-WiDE Strategy (From Real-World Imaging Data to Evidence), Medexprim wants to address clinical trial efficiency for Biopharma by delivering synthetic patients. Medexprim website: Medexprim on LinkedIn: For more information, please contact: Anne-Sophie Labeta Media relations
Clinerion and Medexprim join forces to combine clinical and imaging data for research.

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Last Updated: 05-Mar-2021