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Creative Diagnostics Introduces Iron Oxide Nanorods for Research Applications

With years of experience in the pharmaceutical and life science sector, Creative Diagnostics recently introduces a series of iron oxide nanorods (non-magnetic) with rod-shaped structure to meet global researchers' multiple needs. These iron oxide nanorods have strong light resistance, and are non-toxic, tasteless, insoluble in alkali and slightly soluble in acid. These nanorods can be widely used in coatings, plastics, paints and pharmaceutical fields.

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of various nanoparticles, Creative Diagnostics provides a comprehensive list of special shape particles for scientists, in a wide range of different morphology and dimensionality. Compared to spherical nanoparticles, unique optical properties appear, for example, gold particles with spikes give high signal in surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) due to enhancement of the electromagnetic field on the surface. Creative Diagnostics provides NanoCubes, NanoStars, NanoBipyramids, NanoClusters, NanoHollows, NanoCages, NanoShuttles, NanoPlates and NanoChains for various applications. Now iron oxide nanorods are also available at Creative Diagnostics.

Included in this release are products such as Absolute Mag™ Fe(III) Oxide Hydroxide Nanorods, 10 nm x 50 nm(WHM-N001), Absolute Mag™ Fe(III) Oxide Hydroxide Nanorods, PVP-coated, 10 nm x 50 nm(WHM-N002), Absolute Mag™ Fe(III) Oxide Hydroxide Nanorods in Water, 20 wt%, 10 nm x 50 nm(WHM-N003), Absolute Mag™ Fe(III) Oxide Hydroxide Nanorods in Ethanol, 20 wt%, 10 nm x 50 nm(WHM-N004), and Absolute Mag™ Fe(III) Oxide Hydroxide Nanorods in Ethanol, 50 wt%, 100 nm x 500 nm(WHM-N005).

"Given the vast range of applications of nanoparticles in biological and medical fields, we provide the most comprehensive list of nanoparticles products with different sizes and surface properties to meet our clients' needs in both research and industrial development. Our special shape particles have unique optical properties, and are featured with comprehensive characterization including TEM, UV-Vis, and DLS, with high purity and high monodispersity with narrow size distribution. These iron oxide nanorods are an addition to our nanoparticles portfolio." said Dr. Jessica Waldorf, chief scientific officer of R&D department, at Creative Diagnostics.

"We are excited to extend our product portfolio with the iron oxide nanorods to offer our global customers access to Creative Diagnostics' comprehensive line of quality nanoparticles. Our extensive range of special shape particles combined with our related support services can provide full assistance to our clients and help to strengthen the performance of research labs." said Alex, one of a senior scientific officers at Creative Diagnostics.

For more detailed information on iron oxide nanorods or to discuss your project, please contact Creative Diagnostics directly. You'll find more about their newly released products and services.

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Creative Diagnostics is a global leading manufacturer and supplier of various nanoparticles, microparticles and their coatings for R&D and commercialization in a wide variety of application areas including in vitro diagnostics, biochemistry, cellular analysis, cell separation, and immunoassay. It also offers various custom services including chemical surface-functionalized, fluorescent modification, antibody immobilization, nucleic acid and oligo conjugation to meet clients' specifications.

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Last Updated: 09-Mar-2021