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Cegedim Healthcare Solutions launches “Pharmacy Display” – a complete solution enabling agile, responsive and engaging communications.

Cegedim Healthcare Solutions launches “Pharmacy Display” – a complete solution enabling agile, responsive and engaging communications.

Cegedim’s Pharmacy Display enables multi-site pharmacy operators to achieve an omni-channel engagement strategy to protect and grow business while removing unnecessary cost and optimising workforce efficiencies.

Cegedim Healthcare Solutions is pleased to announce the general availability of its new “Pharmacy Display” solution; a stand-alone, complete hardware, software and service-based communications offering for multi-site pharmacy operators designed to overcome five key business challenges as they straddle the NHS service and retail model.

Pharmacy Display comprises the three key elements of: high quality digital displays in-store and in-window which captivate and engage customers; a powerful web-based content management system and scheduling tools which enable the delivery of fresh, relevant and compliant marketing campaigns; and managed content which is created and curated by Cegedim’s Pharmacy Display team which delivers a full range of assets to use in planning and executing marketing plans.

Gianpiero Celino, Clinical Director, Cegedim Healthcare Solutions, comments: “Community pharmacies face multiple challenges as a consequence of their dual role as NHS service provider and retailer, yet getting both right is key to commercial success. Traditional customer communications – be that to highlight new services, achieve NHS compliance, or deliver retail advertising campaigns – have largely been manual, centred around physical window posters or printed material. These are highly static, cumbersome to deliver and resource heavy; simply no longer in keeping with either today’s customer expectations or the need for greater and more agile communications.”

Pharmacy Display has been designed to deliver:

  • Flexible and adaptable retail campaigns based on changing consumer demand, by season, by day and by customer demographic;
  • Increased customer engagement with eye-catching animations that are relevant to pharmacy services;
  • NHS compliance, with less resource intensity and improved aesthetics;
  • Improved advertising revenue and commercial opportunities; and
  • Workforce efficiencies through the centralising and digitising of communications

Digital Displays

Cegedim has established strong and influential relationships with top-tier manufacturers of digital displays to ensure that Pharmacy Display customers are equipped with the right display solution in every case. Its hardware solution comprises a large and flexible catalogue of hardware, in varying sizes, luminosity and mounting to ensure maximum impact in each setting.

Content Management System

At the heart of Pharmacy Display is Cegedim’s web-based Content Management System (CMS), which provides a feature rich and intuitive solution for planning and executing digital marketing campaigns. This includes a dedicated content library populated with both core content assets and a pharmacy’s own content; content creation and scheduling tools; RSS-feeds for real-time content integration; and monitoring and metrics reporting, essential in evidencing reach for NHS or third party advertisers.

Managed Content Service

Pharmacy Display customers will have access to Cegedim’s created and curated content assets developed to equip pharmacy with ready to use content, including evergreen and seasonal content; awareness campaigns; official PHE & NHS content; retail promotion templates and imagery; and corporate branded features. 

Following a market survey of 180 community pharmacies in the UK, Cegedim identified that driving demand for consultations and services is an equal or higher priority to OTC sales for 82% of respondents, while 54% reported having either a basic or non-existent marketing plan, particularly amongst those with less than 20 sites. Only 10% of respondents currently use digital screens, highlighting the opportunity for Cegedim’s Pharmacy Display offering.

The launch of Pharmacy Display follows a comprehensive trial with Weldricks Pharmacy in Doncaster during which in-store and in-window displays were installed to demonstrate the benefits of this solution.

Jackie Steel, Head of Operations, Weldricks said, “We’ve been delighted to work with the team at Cegedim Healthcare Solutions and host the beta trial for Pharmacy Display. As a Pharmacy group, we have long liked the idea of having screens both in store and in the windows of our branches to engage customers with our products and services. Pharmacy Display allow us to do this in a bold, colourful way, allowing informative content and ads to be played. Doing this during the pandemic has demonstrated how important it is to have responsive and agile communication tools in place allowing us to respond quickly and effectively in a fast moving market.”

Gianpiero Celino concludes: “Cegedim is committed to helping our pharmacy customers to harness innovation that is going to add bottom line value to their business. Through discussions with existing customers and our wider market survey, we believe we have developed a complete and compelling offering for UK retail pharmacy in Pharmacy Display.”

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Last Updated: 12-Mar-2021