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How Can Pharma 4.0 Strengthen Pharmaceutical Packaging And Manufacturing?

How Can Pharma 4.0 Strengthen Pharmaceutical Packaging And Manufacturing?

Digital manufacturing revolution and the big data in the packaging processes will be one of the topics of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing & Packaging Congress (PHARMAP 2021). The Congress will take place in Berlin, Germany on the 28-29 of June 2021 and will gather heads of pharmaceutical companies and laboratories, packaging and manufacturing directors, clinicians, and IT project managers. 

Pharmaceutical industry has always been evolving in small steps, even if we are speaking about the last decades. Batch manufacturing gives way to continuous manufacturing, and standardized packaging is being replaced by the personalized packaging processes, not least through the digitalization strategies help. But in 2010s, it was natural for the industry to evolve its mechanisms to the more advanced level gradually, but in 2020s it is vital to step up and make a digital revolution in the pharmaceutical industry. This is why Pharma 4.0 with its revolutionary view on the digitalization becomes the next development stage for the quality and efficiency improvement in packaging and manufacturing.

Smart technologies in packaging and data management in manufacturing are becoming the most transformative force for the pharmaceutical industry. The progress in digital infrastructure will gradually let pharma improve the efficiency of the products, facilitate higher levels of quality, and eliminate the human intervention in pharmaceutical manufacturing and packaging. This is why the digitalization in the pharma industry will be one of the topics of the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing & Packaging Congress (PHARMAP 2021).

Pharma 4.0 makes it possible to improve manufacturing processes by saving data and analyzing it for more accurate predictions. The digitalization in pharmaceutical manufacturing, processes of data analytics, and the role of AI with digital development in the production will be covered at the PHARMAP 2021 session dedicated to the digital approach in the manufacturing area.

Materials innovation, usage of QR and smart labels, so as data management and cybersecurity are the most sought after topics of the pharmaceutical packaging industry. The participants of the Congress session, dedicated to the smart and intelligent packaging, will be able to share their opinion on the valuable packaging technologies to make it more efficient, personalized and eco-friendly.

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How Can Pharma 4.0 Strengthen Pharmaceutical Packaging And Manufacturing?

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Last Updated: 12-Mar-2021