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U.S. Based ICU Health seeks organizations in need- Is Donating 5 Million Face Masks and 5 Million Face Shields

U.S. Based ICU Health seeks organizations in need- Is Donating 5 Million Face Masks and 5 Million Face Shields 


  • ICU Health, a U.S. company, based in Northern California, is donating 5 million face shields and 5 million face masks to those with the greatest need for PPE. 




  • Beginning in March 2020, ICU Health has supplied, and as of September, domestically manufactured, much-needed PPE for medical and frontline workers, food processors, schools, and local governments.




  • ICU Health, in partnership with Plastikon Industries, Inc., is currently manufacturing NIOSH-approved N95 respirator masks, surgical masks as well as basic face masks.




  • ICU Health maintains a domestic US Inventory of face shields, face masks, CPE gowns, nitrile gloves, as well as other PPE equipment shipping over half a billion units of essential material since March.


HOLLISTER, Calif., March 2021: As the number of COVID-19 cases continues to surge across the nation, the healthcare sector’s supply chains are straining to provide sufficient Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). 


Many companies, governments, and public institutions are unable to obtain adequate equipment for their frontline and essential workers.


To help deal with this unprecedented challenge, ICU Health began importing and distributing large quantities of PPE in March 2020. More recently, ICU Health has worked in close partnership with Plastikon Industries, Inc., to establish state-of-the-art manufacturing to expand the production of Made in USA PPE. The companies’ Made in USA products include NIOSH-approved N95s, Surgical Masks, as well as basic face masks.


As further evidence of their commitment to being part of the solution, ICU Health has announced that they are seeking organizations serving those hardest hit by the pandemic to be the recipients of their proposed donations totaling 5 million face shields and 5 million face masks.  


“We’ve all seen the disproportionate blow that low-income, immigrant, elderly, and minority communities have endured during this pandemic. We can’t just stand by and watch. We want to be a part of the solution,” says Kirk Hobbs, CEO of ICU Health.


Organizations interested in receiving face shield or face mask donations should email here and provide the following information:


  1. Name of organization
  2. Address
  3. Contact Person
  4. Community Served (both geographic and demographic)
  5. Number of People Served Per Month
  6. Projected Face Mask/Face Shield needs over the next three months
  7. Would your organization have the ability to pay for shipping the donated product from Northern California to your location?

More on ICU Health:


In partnership with Plastikon, ICU Health can manufacture over half a million N95 masks, surgical Masks, and basic face masks per day.


“Manufacturing PPE in our own partner factory means that we can have strict control over product quality, and eliminating lengthy overseas shipping times allows us to place safe, Made in the USA, frontline-ready equipment in our customers’ hands faster than ever before,” says Hobbs.


ICU maintains a large inventory of PPE, ready to ship, in their Hollister, California facility including, face shields, eye shields, goggles, CPE gowns, and nitrile gloves.


ICU Health proudly supplies to retail, medical, government, and industrial partners, including Tyson and Target. Products are also available on Amazon and 


About Us:


ICU Health is a division of ICU Eyewear, a US-based company that has been in the business for 70 years. ICU Eyewear is an FDA-registered supplier of eyewear to companies, local and state governments, hospital groups, educational institutions, retailers, and the industrial sector.


For more information on ICU Health’s Made in USA capabilities and for bulk purchases, please visit


For individual consumer purchases from ICU Health, please visit



For Media Queries: Danielle Wright - Sales Manager, ICU Health


HQ Address: ICU Health, a division of ICU Eyewear, Inc. 1900 Shelton Drive, Hollister, CA.

Contact Number: (415) 609-4160 

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