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CD Genomics: Bioinformatics-Analysis Division Revised Website for Better User Experience

Bioinformatics-analysis division is a division of CD Genomics, which provides reliable next-generation and third-generation high-throughput sequencing data analysis, comprehensive technology services, database construction, and other related data analysis business. Bioinformatics-analysis division developed a new version of its website to enhance user experience, and the new site went live just a few weeks ago.


"After several years of providing services on the previous website, we realized it was time to develop a new model that could enhance the customer experience by reorganizing content, improving searchability, and dynamic design and visual effects." said Dianna, marketing assistant at CD Genomics.


"During the preparation period, we did a lot of work to collect feedback and suggestions from customers. The release of a new version is indeed an exciting time, and we will continue to support our customers and the public with new and improved web experiences. "


When you click on the homepage of the website, you will first see two platforms, namely bioinformatic analysis platform and sequencing platform. The two platforms are equipped with the most advanced equipment and experienced scientists, and can provide assistance in all types of sequencing fields.


Next to the Platform is the Service. Scroll down and you can see the type of service provided by the company. Bioinformatics-analysis division is engaged in many types of bioinformatics work, including but not limited to: processing, analyzing and interpreting high-throughput biological and medical data-focusing on next-generation sequencing (NGS) data, genomics, transcriptome, proteomics, microorganisms, epigenetics, metabolomics, and other combinatorial data, statistical data analysis, data integration for multiple biomedical and other data types - e.g., used to identify causality or other hidden information between measurement variables, statistical models, development and application of machine learning methods, macrogenomics, ecology, phylogeny, population genetics and other analysis related to evolutionary biology, data mining, customization and advanced analytical method development, specific data structures and algorithm development, informatics, database development and maintenance, software solutions as well as IT and infrastructure solutions.


The major goal of this redesign is to improve the findability of the products and services through re-engineered layouts and search bar function. In the following days, CD Genomics Bioinformatics-analysis division will continue to update the content, address bugs and refine the information across the website.


About CD Genomics

CD Genomics is one of the global bioinformatics analysis service providers, which based on the high-performance computing platform and the bioinformatics analysis team dominated by Ph.D. and Master. CD Genomics uses cutting-edge bioinformatics analysis technology to carry out the main business of genomics, transcriptomics, microorganisms, epigenetics, proteomics, metabolomics, single cell omics and so on.

CD Genomics: Bioinformatics-Analysis Division Revised Website for Better User Experience

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Last Updated: 24-Mar-2021