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CD Genomics’s BS-Seq and Bioinformatic Analysis Promote Epigenomics Research

Founded in New York in the year 2004, CD Genomics has become one of the top providers in genomic research, devoting to providing reliable services to pharmaceutical and biotech companies as well as academia and government agencies.

Epigenomics is the study of complete epigenetic modifications of genetic material. DNA methylation is one of the major mechanisms of epigenetic modification, which has a substantial influence on gene expression and directly affects cellular activity. CD Genomics offers multiple technologies for genome-wide epigenomics analysis, which are designed to accommodate a wide range of sample types and suit specific research needs, allowing researchers to look at epigenetic alterations easily.

Based on the long-standing experience and advanced platforms, CD Genomics provides an integrated portfolio of methylation sequencing services, offering a comprehensive service package from project consultation, Immunoprecipitation, library construction, sequencing, and bioinformatics analysis. Bisulfite sequencing (BS-Seq) is an effective and reliable strategy to identify individually methylated cytosines on a genome-wide scale. Coupled with next-generation sequencing and long-read sequencing platforms, CD Genomics can promote epigenomic research from short sequences to whole genomes. Meanwhile, the experienced expert team and strict quality control following every procedure ensure comprehensive and accurate results.

“Bisulfite sequencing is a powerful technology and it helped a lot to elucidate the differential gene expression of our interest. High-throughput bisulfite sequencing profiled the genome-wide DNA methylation maps,” said researchers from the Department of Biological Sciences, Brock University. “And thank CD Genomics for the support in the analysis of bisulfite sequencing data. The results were delivered in such detail and the scientists there are both professional and really kind.”

“As a company that specializes in providing genome services and products, CD Genomics has been committed to offering different technologies for epigenomics research. We offer five platforms for genome-wide epigenomics analysis, each designed to satisfy researchers’ specific needs,” said Dr. Charlie of CD Genomics.

Except for standard BS-Seq, CD Genomics also provides services including but not limited to:

Reduced Representation Bisulfite Sequencing

EpiTYPER DNA Methylation Analysis

MeDIP Sequencing

MeRIP Sequencing



“CD Genomics provides accurate and cost-effective bisulfite sequencing and bioinformatics analysis. Our professional expert team executes quality management, following every procedure to ensure confident and unbiased results.” commented the vice president of CD Genomics. “We adopt a feasible strategy for sequencing based on customers’ needs, and we have a compelling bioinformatics team that can offer customized bioinformatics services in addition to offering conventional bioinformatics services.”

About CD Genomics

CD Genomics was established in 2004, aiming at providing the research community with high-quality Next Generation Sequencing, PacBio SMRT sequencing, and microarray services. In 2007, CD Genomics has expanded its services to molecular biology research and its development needs. CD Genomics has extensive experience in sequencing, microarray analysis, library construction, and genotyping. Through over ten years of hard work and depend on the professional work team, CD Genomics is further developed with the mission to accelerate the entire genetic industry toward breakthrough discoveries.

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Last Updated: 24-Mar-2021