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Surgical Broaches Market Size 2021 by Opportunities, Challenges, Risks, Influences Factors Analysis and Forecast to 2028

Surgical broaches are simple instruments designed to provide reconstructive and supportive approach in comforting the operative target in surgical procedures. Surgical broaches are similar to rasps as they are used provide a fine edges to support replacement implants. Surgical broaches are used to form an intramedullary canal in a bone to provide prosthetic support.

The presence of cutting teeth provide an efficient approach for guiding such implant and provides a suitable gap between the prosthesis and the intramedullary canal. With better technological developments it has led to a 3D surface textures for better removal of bone particles. Generally made of biocompatible metal to provide a strong and sturdy approach in the operation which requires the removal of bone to place an implant, the features result to create sharp points needed to efficiently place prosthetic. The surgical broaches requires to be of high strength in order to come up with the best result during an operation providing accurate and uniform alignment between implants 

Surgical broaches Market: Drivers and Restraints

Primary factors driving surgical broaches market include growing need for replacement surgeries. Advancement in the production of surgical broaches like 3D etching process which makes it rather convenient as an instrument to use in general orthopedic surgeries. It is an important instrument used in total hip replacement, and with rise in geriatric population. Besides, surgical broaches could also be used in removing soft medial cancellous bone, pulse lavage the canal. However, alternative approaches like rasps which operates the same limit the growth of the global surgical broaches market.

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Implants now have a set broach to make their own canal for perfect fitting will affect the already established surgical broaches market. The market is also dependent on the trauma incidences which reports the use of surgical broaches as Musculoskeletal injuries in developing countries account for a substantial share (13%) in global burden for trauma cases. Though, state wise medical device regulations makes it harder for the product to penetrate unmet markets. Much of the manufacturers are doing it regionally but it slows down the process in order to make efficient product. Different healthcare regulations or standards are followed by respective regions for the use surgical broaches.

Surgical broaches Market: Overview

The global market for surgical broaches is highly consolidated with very few players operating in the global space. Combined approaches of using surgical broaches with other surgical instruments to obtain accurate results to treat patients, which is expected to create high demand for surgical broaches in invasive bone related surgeries. Some of the established brands of surgical broaches are, Zimmer Biomet, Tecomet Inc, Smith and Nephew, Sandvik and others.

Surgical broaches Market: Regional Wise Outlook

Geographically, the global surgical broaches market is classified into regions viz. North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia-Pacific, Japan, Middle East and Africa. North America is expected to be the leader in global surgical broaches market owing to the quality difference healthcare infrastructure. The Surgical broaches market in Asia Pacific excluding Japan is expected to grow due to expansion of major manufacturers into such fragmented markets. Europe is expected to take a large share in the global surgical broaches market during the forecast period because of their medical expenditure over healthcare supporting such use.

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Surgical broaches Market: Key Players

Examples of some of the major players in the global Surgical broaches market are Surgical broaches are Integrated Medical Technologies (IMT) USA LLC, Zimmer Biomet, Tecomet Inc, Smith and Nephew, Sandvik A, Precision Edge Surgical and others.

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Last Updated: 22-Mar-2021