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Creative BioMart Biomarker Released Multiple Biomarker Detection Service

Creative BioMart Biomarker, a sub-brand of Creative BioMart that focuses on the field of biomarkers, recently released multiple biomarker detection service to help advance its customers’ research projects.


The detection and analysis of biomarkers play an important role in promoting the research related to the diagnosis, prediction, treatment and prognosis of various diseases. Single biomarker can be tested and intensively studied to explore the role of this biomarker in disease diagnosis, disease monitoring and prognostic evaluation.


However, due to the complexity of certain diseases and the diversity of biomarkers, testing a single biomarker alone is not sufficient to accurately diagnose and predict disease. In addition, some biomarkers are not specific for some diseases or physiological changes, so it is sometimes necessary to test multiple biomarkers at the same time. Multiple biomarker testing services can analyze multiple indicators of interest simultaneously to rapidly quantify different biomarkers associated with disease. Multiple biomarker tests contribute to a more comprehensive understanding of various biological processes and disease dynamics.


With advanced experimental facilities and technologies, as well as an expert team with rich technical experience, Creative BioMart Biomarker is capable of providing high-quality multiple biomarker detection services and delivers rapid, specific, and sensitive detection results.


Supported by advanced technology platforms including protein microarray, mass spectrometry, high throughput sequencing, etc. Creative BioMart Biomarker can provide the following multiple biomarker detection services including but are not limited to:


“We are committed to the optimization and development of multiple biomarker detection technology platforms. We are always ready to customize the appropriate detection scheme according to your needs.” Commented Linna Green, the chief marketing staff at Creative BioMart.


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Last Updated: 24-Mar-2021