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Key milestone in molded glass: SGD Pharma elevates Type I offering with three tailored product and service solutions

SGD Pharma, a leading supplier of glass primary packaging in the pharmaceutical industry and global expert in Type I molded glass, introduces an industry first offering of Type I molded glass vials. These market-driven value propositions represent the latest step in SGD Pharma’s ongoing improvements to its product offers and services. According to their specific business and parenteral drug requirements, Pharma and Biotech players would not only benefit from SGD Pharma’s enhanced high quality and reliable products, but also from an extended offer, ranging from Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) optimization to the highest levels of services. 

SGD Pharma has strategically organized its parenteral Type I molded glass offer into three tailored value propositions – AXess®, AXecure® and AXpert® – from which pharmaceutical manufacturers can easily choose, meeting their diverse drug product requirements and aseptic manufacturing constraints:  

  • AXess delivers reliable, good quality glass packaging with straightforward TCO and is ideal for essential or primary care drugs that require inert Type I packaging. AXess delivers proven vial designs and optimized packaging configurations. 


  • AXecure delivers built-in flexibility to cover all needs, with a wide range of superior quality vials for a diverse set of applications. AXecure is the standard for parenteral applications with an entirely customizable offering, from glass vial design to palletization options. 
  • AXpert is designed for the most demanding and costly drugs that require the highest levels of quality and integrity, for applications such as oncology and specialty care. By providing access to advanced and personalized support and service at all times, AXpert protects your high value drug products, with total quality assurance and a range of premium value-added offerings. 

SGD Pharma’s thorough analysis of parenteral market needs, including therapeutic applications, drug properties, and business environments, allows the company to meet the demand for high-quality glass vials that combine flexibility, quality assurance, and technical & regulatory support.  

This strengthened packaging solution is the result of SGD Pharma’s continuous investments into its state-of-the-art plants, Saint Quentin-Lamotte (France) – a Type I glass Center of excellence – and Vemula (India), enabling the company to improve its products and services offering. With an output of 2.5 million vials per day, these best-in-class manufacturing facilities enable SGD Pharma to deliver these value propositions to all Pharma and Biotech customers, wherever they are located and regardless of supply chain needs. 


Camille Ermine, Product Manager Parenteral at SGD Pharma, explains: “We are one of the largest and most experienced manufacturers of Type I molded glass globally, thanks to our purpose-built facilities. Manufacturing excellence is at the heart of the three-tier offering. With the development of the AXess, AXecure and AXpert ranges, this portfolio elevates SGD Pharma’s existing products and services, delivering additional levels of security, product choice, support, and global availability to support Business Continuity.” 


To discuss which Type I molded glass range is best suited to your individual business needs, and to understand how molded glass can suit your packaging supply chain globally, please visit our website.   


About SGD Pharma  

Founded in 1896 in France and with a global footprint and a strong sales force, SGD Pharma is recognized worldwide as a key player that customers can rely on to support new product development, day-to-day delivery, quality or regulatory support. SGD Pharma benefits from a long know-how and a best-in-class manufacturing footprint. The company has a long-term investment plan to regularly leverage its manufacturing facilities and develop people competencies to be at the cutting edge of the technology. SGD Pharma commits to have the same standard in all its facilities. In 2020, all plants are certified according to ISO 15378 standard, pharma GMP’s compliant and equipped with ISO 8 clean rooms. SGD Pharma is a producer of molded glass for pharmaceutical primary packaging, operating worldwide with five factories and a network of more than 90 partners and distributors. For more information, please visit   

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Last Updated: 26-Mar-2021