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Qlucore announces major new release (3.7) with ChIP-seq and Biomarker support

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23rd March 2021

 Qlucore announces major new release (3.7) with ChIP-seq and Biomarker support

 Qlucore, leading software provider of powerful visualization-based bioinformatics data analysis tools for research and precision diagnostics, announces Qlucore Omics Explorer (QOE) version 3.7, an extensive upgrade adding features in many different areas to strengthen visual analysis support even further.

 Key features of the new version are ChIP-seq and ATAC-seq analysis support, a new Biomarker workbench coupled with an upgraded statistical framework and significant enhancements to the Genome browser. The Genome browser has new visualization functions plus support for ChIP-seq, ATAC-seq and gene fusions. The Biomarker workbench is optimized for experiments and studies in the areas of drug development and biomarker discovery.

 Other new features include:

  • The possibility to add so called restrictions when setting up statistical tests.
  • Easy support for Two-way ANOVA, test the combination effect of two sample annotations.
  • A new 2D plot, Pie chart – making it possible to visualize the distribution of samples.
  • Box plots updates, now possible to display a group of variables for each box.
  • New colour palette, including option to select colour based on the annotation group name.

 Qlucore Founder and President Carl-Johan Ivarsson comments “We’re thrilled to announce the latest version of the Qlucore software which features a lightning fast genome browser with best-in-class support for viewing and navigating gene fusions. Qlucore software now enables even faster visualization of scientific data experiments and means researchers no longer have to depend on an expert in bioinformatics to explore and analyze Omics and NGS data sets.”



About Qlucore

 Qlucore ( is a leading provider of new generation intuitive bioinformatics software for research and precision and companion diagnostics. Qlucore’s mission is to make it easier to analyze the huge amounts of complex data that are generated by innovations in the fields of genomics and proteomics. This is done by providing powerful visualization-based bioinformatics data analysis tools for research and precision diagnostics. The tools are so easy to use that researchers, technicians and physicians easily can interpret and explore their datasets.

 The Qlucore Omics Explorer software is a Do-It-Yourself bioinformatics software for research in the life science, biotech, food and plant industries, as well as academia. The powerful and flexible visualization-based analysis tool with built-in powerful statistics delivers results instantly.

 The Qlucore Diagnostics software is a platform for multi-omics companion and precision diagnostics. AI-powered, disease-specific machine learning-based classifier models are combined with patient-friendly visualizations in a an easy to use and cost-effective software solution that integrates with a wide range of data-generating techniques and instruments.

 Qlucore was founded in 2007 by leading researchers at the Departments of Mathematics and Clinical Genetics at Lund University, Sweden. Today Qlucore has customers in about 35 countries around the world, with sales offices in Europe and North America, and distribution in several countries in Asia. Many of the leading academic institutions and pharmaceutical companies around the world use Qlucore in their research.


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