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Americans Left in Limbo Over Lower Drug Costs

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VICTORIA, British Columbia - March 31, 2021 - (

American families are still waiting for government help to lower the cost of medications. Two months into the new administration, President Joe Biden delivered his first solo press conference without addressing spiraling medication costs. Until there is coordinated relief for high drug costs, Canada Drugs Direct remains one of the only safe and affordable ways people can dramatically cut prescription costs.

Lack of Plan to Combat Prescription Drug Prices

Despite the previous administration's efforts to ease drug costs, no final agreements have been put in place between the government and drug makers to lower prices. Observers are curious as to when there will be some headway made on this important issue.

For people who regularly depend on life-saving medication, endlessly waiting is the one thing they don't have time for. Data from the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) shows the average annual costs for many popular prescriptions jumped in price over 200%. Between 2006 and 2016 the average annual price skyrocketed from $4,202 to $12,951. Individuals and families that don't have health insurance are more at risk.

Canada Drugs Direct is able to provide name brand and generic medications from our licensed, regulated pharmacies to those in need. Ordering medication from Canada delivers the same protection and same brands consumers get from pharmacies in America.

The Americans Hit Hardest by High Prescription Drug Prices

Americans looking for ways to lower their drugs costs, like using Canada Drugs Direct, shows there is already a financial need to find savings where possible. From those with chronic conditions, fixed incomes, retirement savings, or uninsured - there are millions of Americans who are under financial pressure when it comes to treating their health.

As the White House looks to help lower the costs of medication, the solution isn't in sight. The new Health and Human Services secretary, Xavier Becerra, has expressed support in the past for importing safe, affordable medication from Canada Some states are pursuing cheaper medications from Canada, but the remaining ones have to source it themselves.

While programs like increased drug cost transparency and a deal with Congress should happen at some point, no one knows when. With more than 150 million Americans with at least one chronic condition, it can be a lifetime using medications and creates a need for relief from the high costs of drugs.

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