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Genomics Pioneer George Church Becomes Co-Founder of Shivom

Genomics Pioneer George Church Becomes Co-Founder of Shivom

Joining a team of renowned experts in genetics and futurology, Shivom aims to build the largest genomic ecosystem on the planet to revolutionize healthcare

United Kingdom -- 30 March 2021 - George Church - Professor of Genetics at Harvard Medical School and Professor of Health Sciences and Technology at Harvard and MIT, USA has today been officially welcomed as the new co-Founder of Shivom, the first and only global marketplace for genomic and healthcare data, combined with powerful data analytics tools.

Church, who is widely recognized for his pivotal contributions to genomic science and his work in the fields of chemistry and biomedicine, joins renowned epigenetics pioneer Dr. Axel Schumacher who has over 30 years of experience in the field of genetics, digital health, and complex diseases; and is the co-Founder and CEO of genomic data-hub startup Shivom.

Together, they form a world-class science "dream-team" that aims to build Shivom into the largest precision-medicine ecosystem on the planet, empowering a complete global healthcare ecosystem, including pharma, academia, healthcare providers, and ultimately patients. The company is working towards a decentralized token-based healthcare economy to ensure that everyone has complete control over their health data.

Gourish Singla, co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Shivom said: “We’re so delighted Professor George Church has decided to join us at Shivom. His depth of knowledge is going to be invaluable to the organization, as we work together on next-level science, never-seen-before solutions, tokenized healthcare, and empowering patients from all over the world.”

“We have a moral obligation to revolutionize healthcare. You make revolutions by implementing ideas and technologies, such as tokenization of healthcare, that have the potential to change the world, leading to the demise of many outdated healthcare practices,” said Dr. Axel Schumacher, the mastermind behind Shivom. “For good ideas, you need the interaction of great minds, like George Church, and the courage to challenge and replace old ideas.”

Shivom’s platform already solves many of the problems the global research community face today - such as siloed data, anonymous cross-border data sharing, lack of state-of-the-art analytic tools, ease-of-use, data ownership, and more. By providing next-generation data sharing and a leading data analytics ecosystem, the research community can accelerate precision medicine, drug discovery, and translational research into a new era of democratized healthcare, empowering patients to be part of the process. The platform operates with the OMX crypto-token, smart contracts for adding business rules, automation, data provenance, access permissioning, audibility, and establishing trust through decentralized data logging.

Shivom also provides an epidemic preparedness solution designed to generate research that enables rapid health responses to the current COVID-19 pandemic as well as to future pathogen outbreaks. The platform provides the quickest way to rapidly gain insight into the association between virus-host interactions in various populations, which can have a significant impact on understanding COVID-19 as a disease and help illuminate knowledge about novel pathogens and future disease outbreaks.

“Solving some of the world’s most pressing scientific challenges will occur at the intersection of computational biomedicine, genomics, and data science,” said Church, who is known for groundbreaking work in CRISPR-based genome-editing, biology of aging, and most DNA sequencing technologies, among others. “Bringing these fields together and enabling the cross-pollination of ideas and approaches across multiple disciplines and players is fundamental to advancing both biomedical science and to improving human health.”

Under Church’s guidance, Shivom is poised to become a leading, next-level discovery platform, combining the newest technological revolutions in the fields of genetics, blockchain, and AI, to address challenges in the hottest revolutionary research fields disrupting life sciences including longevity & life extension, psychedelics, medical cannabis, rare diseases, epigenetics and providing the world with the first universal healthcare token ecosystem.

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Last Updated: 31-Mar-2021