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Seegnal’s Drug Interaction Prevention Platform 20-fold More Accurate than Standard Tech

Seegnal’s Drug Interaction Prevention Platform 20-fold More Accurate than Standard Tech

Brigham and Women’s Hospital (Boston) validates platform’s efficacy and ability to save lives

March 31, 2021 – Tel Aviv – An independent study conducted at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston compared “the appropriateness of medication-related clinical decision support alerts triggered by two commercial applications: EPIC and Seegnal’s platform.” The Seegnal drug-related problems platform demonstrated 20-fold enhanced personalization and accuracy vs. the market standard, EPIC.

Seegnal showed groundbreaking and exclusive patient-specific and adaptive alerting (95% accuracy rate - about 20-fold better than EPIC), while generating significantly fewer false alerts (about 0.3% vs. 99% in EPIC) and diminishing alert fatigue (94% alert reduction vs. EPIC).

“As coauthor of ‘The Top 100 Drug Interactions; A Guide to Patient Management,’ to help avoid harmful interactions among commonly prescribed medications, I am acutely aware of the danger of alert fatigue affecting medical professionals,” said Prof. John Horn, PharmD, University of Washington School of Pharmacy. “After decades studying drug interactions, I was very impressed to see how quickly and accurately Seegnal’s platform performed. Less is more. Fewer but more accurate patient-tailored alerts mean medical professionals will be more attuned to preventing drug-related problems with potentially fatal consequences, directly saving lives.”

Seegnal, an Israeli startup, designed a smart and intuitive clinical decision support platform that interfaces with electronic medical records or any other relevant drug management/documentation solution. It incorporates, on top of “classic” modules addressed by legacy solutions, an additional scope of crucial domains (e.g., DNA, diet, smoking, ECG, labs, mechanism-based inferences) into an intuitive graphic interface that empowers clinicians to quickly and effectively manage and resolve individual patient-specific drug-related problems within seconds. Not only does the solution alert about the drug interaction, but it also recommends a more appropriate medication that will achieve the same results with much less risk.

“Incorporating more granular patient data refines and enhances Seegnal’s precision and patient-adaptive alerting while reducing the significant volume of false positive alerts that flood practitioners trying to make critical life-saving decisions in a short amount of time,” said Dr. Roni Shiloh, founder & CEO of Seegnal eHealth Ltd. “We live at a time where healthcare professionals are overwhelmed by ongoing tasks. Streamlining an important function like ensuring safe and personalized patient-adaptive prescriptions eases the burden.”

About Seegnal eHealth Ltd

Seegnal eHealth Ltd. was established with the goal of disrupting the clinician-medication-patient value chain by introducing revolutionary concepts, new knowledge, and advanced technologies, to generate both value and safety. Seegnal was founded in 2015 by Roni Shiloh, MD, as a fully owned subsidiary of Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. and was spun-off in 2017.

Seegnal eHealth Ltd is headquartered in Israel, which serves also as the main R&D site, with additional offices in the United States. For additional information, please visit

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Last Updated: 01-Apr-2021