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CancerFree Biotech Introduces New Cancer Drug Test That Only Requires Blood Samples

TAIPEI, TAIWAN - CancerFree Biotech is an innovative oncology company specializing in CTC (circulating tumor cells) drug test technology development. The company is showcasing its new drug screening platform, EVA Select, which evaluates the efficacy of anti-tumor therapeutics in replacing the other three common drug screening methods, in vitro human cancer cell lines, in vivo tumor xenograft models, and DNA models. In recent years, cancer prevalence makes the treatment precision more imperative as well as the efficiency for drug screening.


EVA Select identifies the drug sensitivity in the tumor through blood samples instead of biopsy-derived cells. It significantly shortens physicians' time to select the precision treatment that best matches the patient's cancer type. As the world's first commercialized circulating tumor cell culture service, CancerFree offers a wide array of medical solutions such as personalized drug sensitivity tests and the pre-test of the new drug development. The company aims to improve the drug effectiveness to extend patients' quality of life.


Competitive Advantages: 

  • Applicable to 100+ types of solid tumors
  • Personalized screening for each clinical anti-cancer therapeutic program
  • A time-saving, easy and safe anti-cancer drug screening


About CancerFree Biotech

Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Taipei, CancerFree is a precision medicine pioneer in culturing circulating tumor cell-derived organoid models and related analysis that improves cancer treatment guidelines. CancerFree simplifies and empowers people to test potential drugs outside the body and provides reports for optimizing their anti-cancer strategy. For more information, please visit


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Last Updated: 09-Apr-2021