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CPhI Discover: event overview and highlights

 The last year has seen the pharma industry evolve its approach to meeting new partners and existing customers, using multiple avenues to meet new people with a wider pool of suppliers now needed. This has put a greater pressure on resources to find and evaluate partners before advancing discussions. 

In response, we have launched CPhI Discover (17 – 28 May 2021), an annual dedicated online platform for pharma designed to encourage suppliers and customers to source, meet and discover – and will provide a complementary solution to CPhI’s existing portfolio of pharma events.  

This ten-day event will play host to some 13,000+ attendees and over 570 companies, with three days of industry leading content consisting of over 20 keynotes, webinars and podcasts providing key insights in pharma from thought leaders. Additionally, CPhI Discover will also include five days of virtual meetings in week two, affording more time to meet greater numbers of potential suppliers, and from anywhere in the world.

There will also be a range of downloadable content – including podcasts, webinars and whitepapers – on offer for attendees. The platform will also deliver a comprehensive overview of the entire supply chain, covering everything from drug discovery and vaccine development to ingredients, contract services, packaging and devices, and bioprocessing.

Visitors will also have the option of being able to source solutions, connect & organise meetings with both exhibitors and other visitors even if not exhibiting thanks to our new offering “Visitor PLUS”.  

“There’s been a subtle shift in the way pharma sources new leads and moving forward, we expect to see pharma companies with the highest growth rates utilising a multi-platform approach, especially as the industry expands and competition for the best partners increases. Practically, this means starting conversations with new customers much earlier and ensuring companies fully maximise the value they get from one of their most precious commodities, the events they attend in person,” commented Cara Turner, Brand Director at Informa Markets.  

Significantly, CPhI data shows 79% of attendees to its previous digital edition – the CPhI Festival of Pharma – had not attended an in-person event before. In fact, digital  platforms are expected to sit alongside in person and direct to customer programmes, bringing-in new, complementary audiences to the CPhI ecosystem. Additionally, CPhI Discover, thanks to its flexibility in scheduling, also delivers a high proportion of C Suite and above attendees (over 30%) – meaning exhibitors meet the people that matter.

Live Content Sessions – Week 1

Tuesday 18th May

The first day of CPhI Discover has a focus on manufacturing and outsourcing covering a wide range of issues, from the CDMO market and drug development approaches to continuous manufacturing and sustainability. This first day is headlined by a live panel discussion, “Navigating the CDMO Market: Hurdles, Transformation & Opportunities” pinpointing the main drivers shaping the future of the CDMO market in a post-pandemic world. The panel, is moderated by Rita Peters, Editorial Director, Pharmaceutical Technology and BioPharm International comprises Eric Langer, President and Managing Partner, Bioplan Associates, and Peter Shapiro, Senior Director and Editor-in-Chief of PharmSource, part of GlobalData. The panel will also look at where the most significant opportunities for CDMOs lie as well as evaluating how best to combat concerns around the scale-up of vaccine manufacturing.

Other sessions include:

  • an on-demand presentation from Laura Kleiman, Founder and CEO, Reboot Rx and Aptar Pharma on “Drug Repurposing: A more Efficient Approach to Drug Development?” which addresses the key challenges & potential benefits of drug repurposing compared to the traditional drug development process;
  • an on-demand presentation from Thermo Fisher on “Manufacturing Innovation: The Case for Continuous,” which details the latest breakthrough technologies being implemented by pharmaceutical manufacturers and why continuous will be adopted by more manufacturers over the course of time in comparison to batch;
  • an on-demand presentation on “Increasing Efficiencies in Bioprocess Development and Manufacturing Through Digital Process Development” which details different solutions to speed up both up and downstream development as well as using model transfer along scales;
  • a CPhI Webinar Series presentation on Biomanufacturing Trends which provides an overview of the product pipeline and the main manufacturing challenges associated with it. The presentation will also look at continuous biomanufacturing, the challenges and opportunities in the large molecule arena and how biopharma is going about securing and sustaining the right talent pool to support growth.

Wednesday 19th May

The second day of CPhI Discover has a focus on packaging & drug delivery covering a wide range of issues, from cold chain storage challenges and track and trace solutions to glass packaging solutions and autoinjectors. The second day is headlined by a live panel discussion, “Drug Delivery Start-Ups to Watch in 2021 and Beyond” which will feature start-ups providing novel technologies and innovative solutions to current challenges in the drug delivery technology landscape. The session will also offer foresight into what the future of drug delivery might hold in terms of regulation, capital raising, and investments. The panel, moderated by Wayne Weiner, Principal, Pharmatech Solutions, comprises Mahmoud Ameri, VP Research & Development at Zosano Pharma, Don Zinn, VP US Business at Crossject and José Ochoa Chief Business Officer at Altimmune.

Other sessions include:

  • an on-demand panel discussion by BD on “The COVID-19 Cold Chain – Delivering Vaccines to the Masses” which discusses major COVID-19 vaccine challenges post-discovery – from manufacturing at scale and drug delivery solutions to cold chain and logistics.
  • an on-demand presentation by Daniel, Martinez, Product Manager for Syringes, Components and SG Lab, Stevanato Group and Yasemin Bettina Karanis. Consultant, Thought Leadership at IQVIA on “Crystal Clear - The Rise of Pharmaceutical Glass Packaging Solutions” which evaluates the impact of COVID-19 on the glass packaging market and more generally assessing major emerging trends both in the short and long-term, such as smart containers;
  • a CPhI Webinar Series presentation on “Track & Trace Solutions for Direct-to-Patient Delivery” which provides a deep-dive into current regulations on traceability of medical devices and medicines and the technical challenges when tracking medicinal products along the product life cycle, from clinical trials to post-marketing authorisation;
  • a CPhI Webinar Series presentation on “Driving Digital Transformation in Pharma” which evaluates how digitisation has been accelerated by the pandemic and how partnership with start-up and tech companies can help acquire expertise and accelerate development;
  • a CPhI Webinar Series presentation on “Trends in Auto-Injectors – Early Considerations for Emergency Use Auto-Injector Development and Manufacturing” which provides an overview of the auto-injector market and emergency-use application as well as providing insight into designing the user experience of emergency autoinjectors.

Thursday 20th May

The third day of CPhI Discover has a focus on API, Ingredients & Formulation covering a wide range of issues, from the reshoring of the API supply chain and nanotechnology challenges to plant-based ingredients for cosmeceuticals and excipients. The third day is headlined by a live panel discussion, “The API Landscape - Reshoring, Trading & Sourcing Dynamics” which will provide a deep-dive into the API landscape. The complexity of globally interconnected pharmaceutical supply chains, brought into focus even more by the pandemic, has led to questions from Western countries about bringing manufacturing back home. As such, this live panel discussion will discuss the merits of offshore vs onshore manufacturing and whether reshoring represents an opportunity for boosting innovation and new manufacturing technologies to compete effectively and take a greener approach. The panel, moderated by Aurelio Arias - Engagement Manager – IQVIA, comprises Stefan Schmidinger, Partner, Markets & Business Development, Kemiex and Matt Hicks, Chief Operating Officer & Counsel, Federal Equipment Company.

Other sessions include:

  • an on-demand presentation on “Overcoming Drug Development Challenges with Nanotechnology” which will focus on he application of nanotechnology to drug development, and explore areas of opportunity where current and emerging nanotechnologies could enable entirely novel classes of therapeutics;
  • an on-demand presentation by Chris Moreton, VP, Pharmaceutical Sciences, FinnBrit Consulting and Iain Moore, President EXCiPACT on “Value Added Excipients to Unlock the Potential of APIs” which will provide an update on the latest developments, demands and trends in the excipient space as well as exploring how to add value to your drug development;
  • an on-demand presentation on “Formulating Plant-Based Ingredients for Cosmeceuticals” which will provide an overview of the cosmeceuticals market and potential growth opportunities, including the drive towards more plant-based ingredients;
  • a CPhI Webinar Series presentation on “API Manufacturing Trends” which will zero-in on the latest technological approaches for APIs as well as evaluating how quality, safety and cost be managed and improved upon.

On-Demand Content Sessions – Market Insights

Unearthing more of pharma’s latest findings, CPhI Discover will also include a market insights segment, providing a deep dive into different pharma markets across the globe. On-demand presentations include the manufacturing roadmap of Africa, the impact of the new administration on the US pharma market, outsourcing biologics manufacturing to China and exploring the promise of Latin American (LATAm) Pharma.

Reimagined Networking & Connecting

In addition to a ground-breaking agenda, the CPhI Discover delivers unrivalled networking opportunities before, during and after the show. The ten-day event has been carefully designed with networking at its heart and the second week is dedicated to hosting scheduled meetings between existing and prospective partners.

If you’re in search of a certain pharmaceutical product, ingredient or service and can’t locate the right supplier, let CPhI help you with its reimagined filtering system, designed to ease the labour intensity of preparing for the event. This revamped filter-based system is designed to empower the industry to schedule meetings with the exhibitors ahead of, during and beyond CPhI Discover – meaning you very quickly put together an ideal list of targeted leads to engage with.

Registration has been augmented to make it as easy and user-friendly as possible in order to best maximise the customer experience. The use of progressive profiling means profiles are built quickly and intuitively so that when the event goes live, you can concentrate solely on meeting partners and watching content. Through the reimagined search tool and dedicated filters, it is now much easier to find the people you are looking to connect with, either at CPhI Discover or later on in the year at one of our in-person events. This type of intelligent hybrid approach, with smart targeting is very much the future of how we will do business in pharma” added Nicola Souden, Brand Manager at Informa Markets.



Key networking features include:

  • No limit on the number of company representatives for each exhibiting company
  • Virtual meetings will be able to host up to 50 people
  • The complete exhibitor list will remain displayed on the Discover website after the show

Mindful Working Series

The pandemic has brought fresh challenges for our mental health and wellbeing. With many of us living through lockdowns, working at home and juggling home-schooling or caring for relatives has been a challenge, it's important to find time to look after you. Our 'Mindful Working' Series – which runs from May 18-20 – encourages you to shift perspective inwards and take some time for you. Sessions include:

Wednesday 18th May – Managing stress, worry and uncertainty: this sessions deals with managing short and long term stress in ourselves as well as focusing on our locus of control.

Thursday 19th May – Moving, breathing and taking a break: this session discusses how movement, stretching and focusing on our breathing can reignite your energy levels, and good use of breaks can add to our quotient of daily happiness making us more productive in the long-term.

Friday 20th May – Managing home working: This session will look at creating a healthy balance and give you tangible strategies for improving your working at home life.

Registration for CPhI Discover is now open

CPhI Discover: event overview and highlights

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