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Minagro’s co-formulant in-can preservative, Sovinol P740/O, gains Ecocert certification

Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, April 20, 2021 – Minagro, a developer of high-quality green and safe products and solutions for the crop care industry, today announces that its co-formulant Sovinol P740/O is now Ecocert certified for use as an in-can preservative for organic fertilizers. Sovinol P740/O, which protects liquid crop nutrient products from microbial contamination, improves the preservation of agricultural biostimulants, such as organic fertilizers; potentially prolonging their shelf life from six months to a minimum of two years.


Ecocert approval of Minagro’s Sovinol P740/O confirms that suppliers of organic crop nutrition products, which boost plant production and overcome abiotic stress, can safely use this co-formulant in-can preservative and continue to meet the organic label requirement.


“As Ecocert is one of the most prominent industry organizations to monitor organic agricultural products, we at Minagro are delighted that our Sovinol P740/O, a co-formulant in-can preservative for use in organic crop nutrition products, is certified,’ said Arnold de Maere, sales & marketing manager at Minagro. “Thanks to Sovinol P740/O’s capacity to improve product preservation and shelf-life, we are convinced that specialists will be able to easily integrate it into liquid crop nutrient product formulations.”


Liquid fertilizer products, principally agricultural biostimulants based on natural plant, seaweed or fermentation extracts, help crops overcome abiotic stress such as low or high temperature, high salinity and deficient or excessive water, especially in the early stages of plant development.


In 2020, the biofertilizers market was estimated at $2.3 billion (€1.9bn); projected to reach $3.9 billion (€3.3bn) by 2025, with a CAGR of 11.6% during the forecast period. The market is driven primarily by the increasing demand for organic food, according to Markets&Markets.


Consequently, biostimulants are of significant economic relevance; they are key enablers in Europe’s green deal crop nutrition program, whose aim is to:


  • Achieve 25% of total farmland under organic farming by 2030
  • Reduce nutrient losses by at least 50%
  • Reduce fertilizer use by at least 20%


However, biostimulants are highly sensitive to microbial contamination. Previously, in-can preservation has lacked the required performance levels, hindering development of these liquid products. Minagro’s Sovinol P740/O will help the liquid organic fertilizer sector evolve by enhancing the performance of products and improving the supply chain.


About Minagro

Minagro develops high-quality green products and solutions for crop care. Its greener solutions, based on sustainable raw materials, are aimed at improving crop protection and nutrition, while limiting the crop care industry’s impact on the environment. Minagro develops in-can preservatives, enhanced performance blends, solvents and bio-stimulant actives. Founded in 2019 as an affiliate of the Minafin Group, Minagro leverages the Group’s strengths in green and fine chemicals.

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