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GutFlora Omics Platform Releases Total RNA Sequencing Service

GutFlora Omics Platform belongs to Creative Proteomics. With more than 10 years of experience in providing advanced multi-omics services, GutFlora Omics Platform offers services and support to customers through comprehensive intestinal flora research solutions. The product manager has recently announced total RNA sequencing service, which can be applied for the identification of key genes and for gut physiology monitoring, as well as clinical diagnosis and screening for drug targets or for genes, enzymes, and metabolites relevant for human health.


The complex microbiota in the gastrointestinal tract contributes greatly to a variety of health and disease processes. Next-generation sequencing (NGS) based RNA sequencing reveals the qualitative and quantitative information of RNA in biological samples under specific conditions, as well as the constant changes in the state of the metatranscriptome. RNA sequencing can examine various types of RNA in the intestinal flora, which is helpful for a wide range of research from basic research to disease treatment. Although mRNA sequencing is ideal for studying coding regions, total RNA sequencing (also called whole transcriptome sequencing) provides the most comprehensive metatranscriptomic analysis-the widest coverage of all types of RNA sequencing methods.


Total RNA-seq can generate rich data of coding RNA and non-coding RNA (such as mRNA, sRNA, circRNA and lncRNA), although ribosomal RNA should be deleted, otherwise they will dominate the sequencing reads. The total RNA sequence uses random primers for first-strand cDNA synthesis to generate transcriptome data from RNA samples to ensure that the identification of coding RNA and non-coding RNA is as complete as possible.


“Creative Proteomics provides advanced technology and a powerful bioinformatics platform to assist you in your gut microbiome transcriptomics research. We provide one-stop total RNA sequencing services, including sample preparation, library preparation, sequencing, data analysis and interpretation. With advanced equipment and rich experience in library construction, we specialize in customized services and bioinformatics analysis. We are fully qualified to process complex samples to assist researchers in analyzing intestinal flora quickly and accurately. ” Stated Creative Proteomics's product manager.


“We combine advanced sequencing technology with a powerful bioinformatics platform to provide excellent intestinal total RNA sequencing services. It can be used for identification of key genes and monitoring of intestinal physiology, as well as clinical diagnosis and screening of drug targets or genes, enzymes, and metabolites related to human health. We are committed to providing the highest level of service in the research of intestinal flora, and will also provide the most suitable strategy according to your sample and research purpose.” Said Dr. Charlie.


About GutFlora Omics Platform of Creative Proteomics

The GutFlora Omics platform, an important division of Creative Proteomics, is dedicated to solving complex problems in intestinal microbiology research through Multi-Omics Technologies. The GutFlora Omics platform can not only provide customers with multi-omics services and bioinformatics analysis, but also seek solutions based on these technologies on the basis of exploring diseases, drug development and many other aspects.

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Last Updated: 23-Apr-2021