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Microarray Data Analysis Methods Are Now Available at Bioinformatics-Analysis Division of CD Genomics

Bioinformatics-analysis division is a division of CD Genomics, which provides reliable next-generation and third-generation high-throughput sequencing data analysis, comprehensive technology services, database construction, and other related data analysis business. CD Genomics provides professional microarray data analysis services to help you discover the biological significance of microarray data, and at the same time can help reduce the time and cost of wet laboratory experiments and data generation.


Microarray data analysis is a sequence analysis method for high-throughput genotyping and expression analysis. Microarrays can generate high-quality data and enable academic and research institutions to quickly complete large-scale PoP research, which can better meet the evolving needs of research projects. Because microarray analysis can process large-scale samples at a time and has a short turnaround time, researchers can quickly perform data analysis, thereby shortening the time for issuing and submitting funds.


The main advantage of the microarray experiment is that it can simultaneously detect the expression of thousands of genes on a large scale and comprehensively. For example, through gene microarrays, genes that may be affected by diseases can be discovered in a short time as biomarkers for early diagnosis.


“Bioinformatics-analysis division has a professional bioinformatics analysis team and rich experience in biological data analysis projects. We provide customers with professional microarray data analysis services, aiming to help you dig out the biological significance of microarray data and reduce the time and cost of wet laboratory experiments and data generation. With a professional data analysis team, we provide you with customized data mining services to meet your research needs.” said senior scientist at CD Genomics.


CD Genomics provides microarray data analysis service for different commercial microarray platforms like Affymetrix, Illumina, and Nimblegen, etc, and the company offer different applications of microarray data analysis services including:

  1. Gene expression profiling analysis.
  2. Chip-on-Chip Analysis (location analysis).
  3. miRNA profiling.
  4. Comparative genomic hybridization (CGH, CGH+SNP).
  5. Target labeling, hybridization, signal detection and data analysis (CGH).
  6. DNA methylation analysis.
  7. Custom SNP profiling.
  8. Custom microarray for NGS data Validation.


About CD Genomics

CD Genomics is one of the global bioinformatics analysis service providers, which based on the high-performance computing platform and the bioinformatics analysis team dominated by Ph.D. and Master. CD Genomics uses cutting-edge bioinformatics analysis technology to carry out the main business of genomics, transcriptomics, microorganisms, epigenetics, proteomics, metabolomics, single cell omics and so on.


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Last Updated: 23-Apr-2021