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Limb Lengthening Surgery Provides Relief from Lifelong Pain

A revolutionary technique for the treatment of leg length discrepancy.

People suffering from leg length discrepancy now have a great solution with limb lengthening surgery to get relief from this lifelong pain. Also known as anisomelia, leg length discrepancy is the condition in which unequal length of paired lower extremity limbs is seen. Limb lengthening surgery is done to lengthen the bones of the arm or legs to equal the length of the pair.

During the surgical procedure, external fixators or internal fixators are used. External fixator is applied to the bone with the help of bone screws and pins to ensure their correct positioning and better results. They work mechanically to increase the length of the bone by pulling bone segments apart. Siora Surgicals Pvt. Ltd. is one of the best orthopedic implants suppliers in Romania. Siora Surgicals is a name that you can trust to get international standard quality external fixators.

Limb lengthening surgery is done by making the cut in the skin and then applying the lengthening device to the bone. All this is done after giving anesthesia to the patient. After making the cut into the skin, this revolutionary technique also involves cutting bone to promote new bone growth for lengthening. To keep the lengthening device in place, orthopedic bone screws & pins are used. It won't be wrong to say that it is not easy to adjust and manage with leg length discrepancy for lifelong. Whereas the surgery will make it easy for such patients to improve their quality of life.

May more advancements and improvements be seen in this surgical technique in the future, but the procedures followed now are undoubtedly helpful and the best results are seen.

Once the surgical procedure is completed, the bones are allowed to rest for around a week to start the healing process. The stage is known as the latency period. After this period, the patient starts to slowly adjust the lengthening device for distraction. Distraction is known as the condition where bone segments are slowly pulled apart to create a space for new bone formation. The process is so strategic that every phase has its reason. This surgical technique is praised across the globe and has many who have benefited from this.

Once the bone gets regenerated, it slowly becomes hard after the distraction phase. After the complete recovery, the patient will never face any challenges related to leg length discrepancy in their life. The field of science & medicine is always evolving and that has done wonders many times in improving the quality of life of people with certain rare or even unpredictable conditions.


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Limb Lengthening Surgery Provides Relief from Lifelong Pain

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Last Updated: 04-May-2021