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Valor Compounding Pharmacy™ Chief Business Officer Sherine Khalil Interviewed About Revamping the Compounding Pharmacy Industry

Beyond Exclamation interviews Sherine Khalil, Valor’s President and Chief Business Officer, about what drives her to change the perspective of compounding pharmacy.

BERKELEY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Beyond Exclamation (b!), a platform for successful and inspiring entrepreneurs’ stories, honors Valor Compounding Pharmacy’s President and Chief Business Officer, Sherine Khalil, with the distinction of being named one of The 10 Most Influential Leaders in Pharmaceutical, 2021. Valor specializes in custom compounded medications and has built its brand around providing access, awareness, and making the pharmacy experience easy.

Building on the layers of quality and technology drives Valor towards their primary initiative, to make patients’ lives better. Beyond Exclamation speaks to Khalil about running a compounding pharmacy business, emphasizing growth-focused goals that encompass the patient and physician experience.

“I run the company from the inside-out with a focus on a strong internal infrastructure to support our branding position,” says Khalil of Valor Compounding Pharmacy. “We serve our patients and physicians with the easiest, fastest, and smartest experience they’ve ever had in pharmacy.”

Khalil speaks to Beyond Exclamation about rebranding and reorganizing Valor Compounding Pharmacy to reflect its core values and differentiate it in the market. Khalil also discusses the impact of COVID-19, including the limited face-to-face experiences patients had with their physicians.

The full interview with Sherine Khalil, President and Chief Business Officer of Valor Compounding Pharmacy, on “Revamping the Compounding Pharmacy Industry” can be found on the Beyond Exclamation website. Khalil explains how her strategic vision, integration of management systems, and continual re-evaluations of goals are keys to the continuing success of Valor Compounding Pharmacy.

Business Beyond Exclamation digital magazine was published in February 2021, featuring their picks for The 10 Most Influential Leaders in Pharmaceutical, 2021. As one of the influential leaders, Khalil shows how a business mind and patient and physician-focused pharmacy can integrate successfully.

In response to the interview, Khalil explains, “What I am most proud of about our work at Valor is that we make informed decisions with priorities in mind. For example, with the nation’s statistics of anxiety and depression on a rapid climb, impacted by COVID-19, we turned our attention to support mental health telemedicine and natural hormone replacement therapy.” Valor Compounding Pharmacy is easy to work with, and whether you are a patient or prescriber, you can click on “Get Started” at and get the help you need.

About Valor Compounding Pharmacy: Valor Compounding Pharmacy™, Inc. is a multi-state licensed 503A facility housing both sterile and non-sterile laboratories located in Berkeley, CA. PCAB accredited, Valor is a specialized pharmacy that makes custom medications to meet the unique needs of the individual patient. Our goal is to reinvent pharmacy from a reactive vendor to a proactive partner in patient health care. We do that by optimizing turnaround time, being data-driven, and reducing patient anxiety. Our focus is on non-sterile and sterile, hazardous and non-hazardous compounded medication. We work with a network of providers, patients, health systems/institutions, and research scientists in multiple states in the United States.

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