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New BC Platforms Partnership with Artisan Biomed to Unlock African Access to Precision Medicine

New BC Platforms Partnership with Artisan Biomed to Unlock African Access to Precision Medicine

12 May 2021 – Zurich, Switzerland and Cape Town, South Africa – Today, BC Platforms (BCP), a global leader in healthcare data management, analytics and access, was pleased to announce a new partnership with Artisan Biomed (Artisan), a genomics services and health solutions provider that aims to develop precision medicine in South Africa. This new partnership provides Artisan with enhanced integration with BCP’s world-class genomics platform, which could boost health technology in South Africa and beyond.

Currently, precision medicine is not routinely available to most patients in South Africa and the rest of the African continent. This can be partly attributed to a global scarcity of genomic data available for Africans and those of African descent, resulting from a lack of digitised data, systematic data structure as well as access to tools for analysis and interpretation. People of African descent are still under-represented in genomics research, with negative implications for developing and testing genetically tailored approaches to clinical care and treatments.

Artisan, who uses the CPGR (Centre for Proteomic & Genomic Research) for laboratory processing of samples, has chosen to partner with BCP for its end-to-end Personalised Medicine Platform to enhance processes such as test ordering, sample accessioning, process quality control, data analysis and reporting. BCP’s Discovery and Research Platform will also be used for aggregate data management and data sharing. BCP’s cloud-based, scalable platform will support existing and future Artisan solutions in population genomics (risk screening) and clinical diagnostic service provision, to automate reporting of genetic results while maintaining patient confidentiality and data protection. The fully integrated solution will be deployed on Artisan’s local Microsoft Azure Cloud and will support genomic offerings from both Artisan and CPGR.

Nino da Silva, Deputy Managing Director, BCP, said: “In order to truly fulfil our vision to build the world’s leading analytics platform for healthcare and industry, it is critical that we support regional genomics services providers around the world. This includes those serving under-represented populations. We are keen to facilitate access to our easy-to-use integrated solutions, within South Africa and across the African continent to provide safe, actionable data that supports much-needed clinical and translational research.”

Reinhard Hiller, Managing Director, Artisan, said: “We chose to work with BCP because its software solution allows us to operate and offer genomic solutions at an industrial scope and scale. We will be able to enhance process efficiency for key genomic applications, with positive implications for quality and user experience. Importantly, the BCP installation will facilitate the development, implementation and roll-out of genetic test products with wide utility. We envisage expanding our own development efforts and work with partners to develop further fit-for-purpose genomic applications, with an emphasis on local value creation. In combination with complementary ICT solutions, we will be able to connect with 3rd parties far and wide to boost test provision, data transfer and data sharing, to help build a strong centre of innovation in genomics and precision medicine in Africa.”

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Last Updated: 12-May-2021