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Pathkits has successfully expanded its wings in Romania, Zanzibar and now Tajikistan

The COVID-19 pandemic has put extreme pressure on the healthcare system and brought the world to a standstill. The surge in COVID-19 cases worldwide has brought forward the need for reliable testing equipment. Proper diagnosis of this disease is only possible in the presence of a transport system that does not suppress or alter the viral activity of the collected specimens. Affected patients can take the necessary precautions if they receive timely diagnosis and reduce the spread of infection. 


Pathkits is an Indian manufacturer of Viral Transport Medium Kits (VTM Kits) that has now spread its operations internationally. These kits are optimized for safety and security by aiding the containment of the specimen and controlling the pH to ensure proper diagnosis. The VTM kits can transport the virus to the laboratory in active form by preserving its RNA. The high-quality kits provide a safe and accurate prognosis of the disease. 


Pathkits has been effectively countering the shortage of testing kits and associated equipment in India. It has now taken upon the task of making quality testing accessible to countries where testing isn’t being conducted nearly enough. Pathkits has now set up its services in Romania, Zanzibar and Tajikistan that witnessed a shortage of testing kits and, consequently, an increase in the number of cases. Proper diagnosis and timely treatment are essential to control the spread of the infection. 

Aiding the global healthcare system

For a secure and reliable diagnosis of viral diseases, proper collection and transportation of the specimen is required. After providing the essential healthcare solutions in India, Pathkits has expanded its services to a global scale. Countries like Romania, Zanzibar and Tajikistan that did not have access to quality diagnostic solutions can now choose Pathkits’ reliable viral transport kits at affordable prices. These countries have been experiencing a shortage of testing supplies in their fight against the deadly virus. Pathkits is shouldering the responsibility of providing these kits at effective prices to those in need by increasing production. 


Affordable and certified healthcare solutions

Every healthcare equipment that Pathkits manufactures is certified, and quality assured. The VTM Kits are designed to preserve the specimen and ensure its viability during transportation. Along with VTM Kits, Pathkits is also providing nasopharyngeal swabs, face shields, molecular transport medium kits etc., to nations like Romania, Zanzibar and Tajikistan. All of this is being made available by Pathkits at reduced prices without any compromise with the quality. 

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Pathkits has successfully expanded its wings in Romania, Zanzibar and now Tajikistan

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Last Updated: 14-May-2021