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Late-Breaking Data Results/Presentations at EuroPCR 2021

Late-Breaking Data Results/Presentations at EuroPCR 2021


  • 30-Day Outcomes from a Next Generation TAVI Device with an Active Sealing Cuff
    • Abbott’s next-generation transcatheter aortic valve replacement implantation (TAVI) system, known as Navitor™ – which recently received CE Mark approval – demonstrated procedural success (97.5%) with no moderator or greater paravalvular leak (PVL) and low rates of Valve Academic Research Consortium (VARC-2) clinical events, supporting Navitor as a safe option for patients after 30 days.


  • Baseline Characteristics and Procedure Outcomes from TriClip bRIGHT Study: Initial Observations from the First Real-World Study for TriClip tricuspid Valve Repair System
    • Findings from the bRIGHT study indicate the TriClip system was safe in a real-world setting and was associated with significant tricuspid regurgitation (TR) reduction and improvements in HF symptoms.


  • Percutaneous Edge-to-Edge Repair for Tricuspid Regurgitation: 2-year Outcomes from the TRILUMINATE Trial
    • Two-year outcomes for tricuspid transcatheter edge-to-edge repair (TEER) with TriClip demonstrated that the device was a safe and effective alternative to surgery, and corresponded with improvement in functional capacity and quality of life.


  • Safety and Efficacy of MitraClip in acutely ill (NYHA Class IV) patients with Mitral Regurgitation: Results from the Global EXPAND Study
    • Real-world contemporary clinical results strongly suggest substantial clinical benefit of MitraClip in acutely ill HF patients, including significant and durable MR reduction, and significant improvement in quality of life and long-term clinical outcomes for patients with severe MR and NYHA Class IV HF.

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