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Digital Health Market Analysis 2021 | North America, Europe, APAC & MEA Industry Size and Forecasts 2026: iCognition Insights

The recent report published by iCognition Insights predicts the worldwide Digital Health Market to grow at a CAGR of 26.2% and reach USD 511.4 billion by 2026. This Healthcare IT report centers around market size and forecast at segmental, worldwide, regional and country level offering a point-by-point analysis of the industry dynamics for period 2020-2026. The report further conveys key bits of knowledge on market share, industry trends, growth elements and restraints, and expansion opportunities that are expected to impact the company profiles and overall industry development by 2026. iCognition Insights have investigated the key industry pioneers and new market entrants, offering a comprehensive perspective of market approaches and strategies, consolidations and acquisitions, and technology advancements adopted that could adjust or shift the whole market trend.

Digital health refers to any software, connectivity, sensors and other communication technology used to improve clinical consideration and wellbeing. The industry covers everything from healthcare and mobile applications, wearable devices, ingestible sensors, robotics to artificial intelligence technologies, aimed at improved diagnosis, disease treatment and enhanced care delivery to the patients. Technological advancements in the healthcare systems and smart technology rising adoption of smart technology by consumers is stimulating the global digital health market growth. According to the data from Pew Research Center, around 97% of the U.S citizens own a cell phone of some type with 85% of them owning smartphones. Additionally, government drives for improved healthcare services and high growth opportunities in developing markets are anticipated to accelerate the market demand.


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The Digital Health Market is segmented based on technology (mhealth, telecare, digital health system, and healthcare analytics), by Product type (hardware and software) and by Region (North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and Africa).

Key Industry Developments:

  • May 2021: Mayo Clinic and Kaiser Permanente announced a joint strategic investment in Medically Home Group to develop hospital-at-home care facility, aiming at transforming the traditional health care model with technology amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • April 2021: Microsoft Corp announced acquisition of conversational AI Company Nuance Communications in USD 19.7B deal to accelerate the growth of their digital health and cloud for healthcare offerings portfolio.

Key Companies Profiled in this Report include:

  • Cisco Systems
  • Cerner Corporation
  • McKesson Corporation
  • AdvancedMD Inc.
  • Biotelemetry Inc.
  • Allscripts Healthcare Solutions Inc.
  • eClinicalWorks
  • iHealth Lab Inc.
  • Koninklijke Philips N.V.
  • AT & T

The major strategies adopted by leading industry players are Partnerships, Collaborations and Technology Acquisitions.

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Digital Health Market Analysis 2021 | North America, Europe, APAC & MEA Industry Size and Forecasts 2026: iCognition Insights

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