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Analytical Reagents News: Alfa Chemistry Releases Titration Product Line 

As a provider of analytical reagents, Alfa Chemistry recently announces that it has released titration product line, supplying a wide range of titration products for lab professionals across the globe, including 3S reagents for volumetric titration, indicators, karl fischer reagents and standards. The company has also upgrades and optimized its website so customers can quickly find the products they need by searching for keywords such as product name and CAS number.


Indicators are a type of chemical reagents used to indicate the end point of titration. Under certain medium conditions, its color can change, produce turbidity or precipitation, and have fluorescence phenomenon. Indicators are often used to test the acidity and basicity of the solution, to indicate the end point of titration in titration analysis, and to detect harmful substances in environmental testing.

Indicators provided at Alfa Chemistry can be grouped into: Adsorption Indicators, Metal Titration Indicators, pH Indicators, pH Papers/Sticks, and Redox Indicators. To name just a few here: 4-(2-Pyridylazo)resorcinol (CAS: 1141-59-9), Bromocresol Purple (CAS: 115-40-2), Pyrocatechol Violet (CAS: 115-41-3), Quinaldine Red (CAS: 117-92-0), Cupferron (CAS: 135-20-6), 1,5-Diphenylcarbazide (CAS: 140-22-7), etc.

3S Reagents for Volumetric Titration

3S is an intelligent packaging solution protected with an originality seal. The cap provides information via Radio-frequency identification or RFID, enabling automated data transfer between the reagent and titration instrument. The 3S reagents for volumetric titration are: cerium(IV) sulfate solution (CAS: 13590-82-4) and iodine solution (CAS: 7553-56-2).

Karl Fischer Reagents and Standards

The Karl Fischer Method (Water Determination Test) is designed to determine water content in substances by volumetric or coulometric determinations. The standards are intended to standardize and control reagents, check the reliability of titrations and test instruments according to the regulatory requirements and guidelines such as ISO 9000, GMP, GLP and FDA. Karl Fischer Reagents and Standards available at Alfa Chemistry include: Lactose Standard 5 % (CAS: 10039-26-6), Sodium tartrate dihydrate (CAS: 6106-24-7), CombiSolvent Fats, CombiSolvent Fats, Test Kit Titrantfor water determination, Coulomat CK, and many more.

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About Titration method

Titration method is also known as volumetric analysis. By dropping the standard solution with known accurate concentration into the tested solution (or vice versa) until the added standard solution reacts with the tested substance quantitatively according to the stoichiometric relationship, we can determine the analyte's concentration by using the titrant to react with a solution of analyte.

About Alfa Chemistry

Alfa Chemistry has grown to be a best choice of analytical chemistry reagents. Its product covers Analytical Reagents, Analytical Standards, Chromatography Standards, Derivatization Reagents, Instrumental Analytical Reagents, Ion Sensor Materials, Laboratory Supplies, LPLC/TLC/Paper Chromatography and Titration, which could be used for a variety of analytical applications. As always, the company is fully supportive to scientists and researchers in their R&D explorations.

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Last Updated: 26-May-2021