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News Update: Custom Pharmaceutical Excipients Development Service Available at CD Formulation

Known as not only a provider of various excipients but also a CRO for pharmaceutical formulation, CD Formulation announces to provide tailor-made pharmaceutical excipients development service for customers across the globe on April 20, 2021.

Excipients play an indispensable role in the manufacture of a drug product. And CD Formulation has long been supplying various excipients for solid, semi-solid and liquid dosage forms, such as binder excipients, disintegrant excipients, sweetener excipients, emulsifier excipients, carrier excipients, and many more. However, the past decade has seen a drastic expansion of the pharmaceutical industry, which generates greater demand for novel excipients. In other words, traditional excipients are difficult to meet the market demand.

To create the excipients that are exactly what clients needed, CD Formulation now offers customized services for new pharmaceutical excipient development.

“We know that the development of new excipient entities is no easy task and normally would cost much, so modification of existing excipients is relatively easier, more economical and less time-consuming.”, says the Marketing Chief of CD Formulation. “Our scientists mainly develop new pharmaceutical excipients via two strategies, that is, either by modification of a known excipient as a derivative or successor or by the creation of a new chemical entity without base structure. Although the development of excipients capable of fulfilling multifunctional roles would definitely be more difficult, we welcome potential customers to discuss with our scientist.”

When a custom manufacturing project is successfully finished, together with pharmaceutical excipients, raw data and a complete report will be all sent to customers. The data documents include data of composition analysis, data of impurity analysis, data of complete compendia testing (USP, EP, BP, JP, FCC, ACS testing), data of USP <467> residual solvent testing, data of metals analyses (AA, GFAA, ICP), etc.

In addition to custom pharmaceutical excipients development, CD Formulationalso provides other services like preformulation, formulation and drug analysis services for pharmaceutical companies.  Visit: to learn more information.

About CD Formulation

The demand for innovative formulations has driven the rapid development of novel excipients. Currently, there is a huge demand for greater flexibility and efficiency in drug formulation development. If a more intelligent approach to excipient design can be introduced, the long-standing issue of poor bio-solubility and bioavailability of newer APIs can be addressed. Equipped with a group of experienced staff, CD Formulation is the right choice for custom pharmaceutical excipients development. The company can work closely with the pharmaceutical industry as a contract service organization, offering outstanding expertise to handle complex pharmaceutical formulation.

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Last Updated: 26-May-2021