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Patients with risk factors benefit from using COPAL® G+C from Heraeus Medical in arthroplasty procedures

- New studies reveal benefits of dual antibiotic-loaded bone cement (COPAL® G+C) to reduce periprosthetic joint infections in risk for infection patients

- 34% reduction of infection risk for primary procedures

- 57% reduction of infection risk for aseptic knee revisions


Patients at risk of infection benefit from bone cement with a combination of antibiotics

COPAL® G+C bone cement containing two antibiotics has long been used for revisions after replacement of hip or knee joints. In hemiarthroplasty, the benefit of dual antibiotic-loaded bone cement is also seen in a reduction of infections after joint replacement in risk for infection patients. New retrospective studies now show that the use of COPAL® G+C with its combination of antibiotics for fixation of hip or knee joints in risk for infection patients can reduce the infection risk in primary arthroplasty and in aseptic revision arthroplasty of the knee.


More than 30% of patients have at least 2 risk factors

In the treatment of hip and knee joint prostheses, periprosthetic infection (PPI) is a feared complication that can be life threatening for patients and costly for hospitals. Individual patient risks can favour the development of a PJI. On average, more than 30% of patients had at least 2 risk factors. In some countries (Finland, Germany), this affects up to 50% of patients. These risk factors include obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases as well as previous surgical procedures or infections.


34% reduction of infection risk in primary arthroplasty

According to a recent study, COPAL® G+C, a dual antibiotic-loaded bone cement, can reduce the frequency of periprosthetic infections in patients with risk factors after primary treatment of the knee or hip by 34% compared to a bone cement containing only one antibiotic. With hip joint replacement, COPAL® G+C was used if 3 or more risk factors were present. With knee joint replacement, COPAL® G+C was used if 2 or more risk factors were present.


57% reduction of infection risk in aseptic knee revision

The benefits of using dual-loaded bone cement (COPAL® G+C) to reduce PJI in risk for infection patients are also seen in cases of aseptic knee revision. A current study demonstrated a reduction of the infection risk for aseptic knee revisions of 57%.

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Heraeus Medical is a leader in bone cements and biomaterials for surgical orthopaedics and trauma surgery. This enables the company to make an important contribution to supporting surgeons and their surgical team and to improve medical outcomes. In the area of biomaterials, Heraeus Medical focuses on products for use in bone and joint surgery. The core product PALACOS® is considered the gold standard among bone cements and has continuously proven itself over six decades of clinical use. The first antibiotic bone cement for infection prophylaxis in arthroplasty was developed almost 50 years ago with PALACOS® R+G. The COPAL® product portfolio covers dual antibiotic-loaded bone cements and products for revision arthroplasty.  


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