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Alfa Chemistry Announces to provide Analytical Standards for Accurate Analysis

Alfa Chemistry, a leading global supplier of chemical products, recently announces that it has expanded its services by providing a large number of analytical standards for its customers around the world. The analytical standard, which is a compound of high purity and known concentration, will help global laboratory professionals ensure the precision of the analytical quality control process.

“Analytical quality control is one of the most important factors in the analytical experiment. Many fields, such as food, agriculture and medicine, rely on this process to detect and correct defects in the analytical testing before potentially erroneous results are released,” commented a spokesperson from Alfa Chemistry. Now, due to the various increasingly strict requirements, analytical quality control process is facing tremendous pressure and challenges. “As a key component of this process, the analytical standards are crucial,” the spokesperson added.

The analytical standards supplied by Alfa Chemistry have many significant advantages, including high accuracy, convertibility with the SI unit, and availability of consistent standard values. With these characteristics, the reagents can be used for a variety of purposes such as confirming the presence of specific components in a mixture, improving the precision of quantitative analysis, and performing a test or a calibration of an analyzer, etc.

Using an accurate standardized method, Alfa Chemistry makes all the reagents produced in full compliance with international standards and thus they can be widely used all over the world. And because of the cutting-edge homogenization and stabilization techniques adopted by the company, these standard reagents can maintain stability under long-term storage and conditions of long-distance transportation.

The standard reagents provided by Alfa Chemistry include life science standards, agricultural and environmental standards, clinical application standards, air testing standards, certification standards, food and beverage standards, cosmetics testing standards, organic standard solutions, etc. These reagents can meet the needs arising from analytical experiments in a variety of fields, such as the analysis and detection of chromatography (HPLC, GPC, GC), electrophoresis, microscopy, spectrophotometry, titration, and physical property testing. For more information on analytical standards from Alfa Chemistry, please visit the website:

About Alfa Chemistry

As a leading global supplier of chemical reagents, Alfa Chemistry devotes itself to meeting the needs arising from a variety of analytical applications, bringing convenience and efficiency to its customers’ analytical experiments. It has so far provided professionals across the world with a great number of analytical chemical substances such as Analytical Standards, Chromatography Standards, Derivatization Reagents, etc. The company all along adheres to the principle of providing high-quality products and services, and vigorously supports the development of science as always.



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Last Updated: 02-Jun-2021