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Alfa Chemistry Meets the Industry Demand for Dyes as It Integrates Acid Dye Product Portfolio

Acid dyes enjoy widespread applications in the making of color silk, wool, feathers, other protein fibers and nylons. To meet the ever-growing demand of the textile industry for this type of chemicals, Alfa Chemistry’s management recently revealed its decision to upgrade and integrate its product portfolio of varieties of acid dyes for customers worldwide.

Dyes are colored materials. Acid dyes are just one of the large dye family that encompasses azoic dyes, basic dyes, disperse dyes, reactive dyes, sulfur dyes, and vat dyes. An acid dye can be typically applied to the manufacturing of textile at low pH and often consists of acidic molecules.

“Acid dyes are highly water-soluble and compared with basic dyes, they are proven to have better light fastness. When acid dyes are dissolved in water, they can interact with the dyed materials to get them colored. Textile acid dyes are especially effective for the dyeing of protein fibers such as silk, wool, nylon and modified acrylics,” explains a senior scientist from Alfa Chemistry.

In addition to being used in the textile industry, acid dyes also find its use in the medical field. They are often used to stain basic tissue proteins during microscopic examinations for diagnosis or research. And for the staining of acidic components of the nucleus and other tissues, basic dyes are used. “Meanwhile, acid dyes can also be used as food coloring to make food become more appealing for consumers,” the scientist further adds.

All products at Alfa Chemistry are strictly QC assessed so that high quality is guaranteed. Technique documents such as COA are also provided.  For more information about acid dyes or other dyes such as cationic dyes, direct dyes, neutral dyes, solvent dyes, coupler and pigments at Alfa Chemistry, please visit the website:

About Alfa Chemistry

After years of tireless efforts, Alfa Chemistry has now successfully established itself as a reliable partner for both industrial and academic institutions, supplying a comprehensive collection of chemicals, catalysts, reagents, polymers and materials. In order to better serve its customers and also to keep up with the recent market demand, the company is now expanding and optimizing its product lines. Some rare chemicals that can be hardly found elsewhere are now available at Alfa Chemistry as well.

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Last Updated: 03-Jun-2021