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Innovative Analytical Software for Enhanced Data Acquisition and Analysis

Scientists within academia and industries including pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and food and beverage analysis, can now benefit from new and improved software capabilities to enhance productivity and usability. The latest software updates enable more strength and flexibility in laboratory workflows in numerous fields, including biotherapeutic characterization, metabolomics and forensic analysis—providing users with intelligent data acquisition and increased confidence in results.

"Researchers and analytical scientists across the life science industry are faced with growing complexity and volume of data, requiring a dependence on software to assist with and automate data acquisition and advance research," said Mark Sanders, senior director, software platform management, life science mass spectrometry, Thermo Fisher Scientific. "We continually update our suite of software to support the developing needs of our customers, providing laboratories with flexible and user-friendly workflows that enable confidence in their data acquisition."

Visualizing mass spectral data analysis
The new Thermo Scientific FreeStyle 1.8 SP1 software release provides an advanced data visualization and qualitative analysis software solution for all Thermo Scientific mass spectrometry (MS) instruments. The latest version provides further insight into the data acquisition by reading and displaying extended binary data using the advanced peak determination (APD) algorithm from Thermo Scientific Exploris MS and Thermo Scientific Tribrid MS instruments. New tools for FAIMS method development improve productivity, and an XtractAll feature allows for protein deconvolution of a full chromatogram.

Flexible and complete solution for biotherapeutic analysis
Supporting research scientists in the biopharmaceutical industry and academia laboratories, the newest Thermo Scientific BioPharma Finder 4.1 software brings a complete and flexible solution for the characterization of both protein and oligonucleotide-based biotherapeutics, with new workflows for host cell protein analysis and mRNA mapping for vaccine development. In response to the recent surge in demand for therapeutic oligonucleotide and mRNA workflow solutions, the updated BioPharma Finder software provides one solution for biotherapeutic analysis with enhanced database searching and in silico mRNA digestion tools to support mRNA mapping workflows.

Bringing a collaborative approach to building spectral libraries
The new Thermo Scientific myLibrary Enterprise and myLibrary Pro offer small molecule researchers a unique platform to collaboratively build an online fragmentation spectral library, in research or routine analysis, to share information across an organization. The software utilizes secure cloud-hosting of compound and fragmentation spectral information, while providing researchers with access control through their own Identity Provider.

Improved flexibility for intelligent data acquisition
Researchers in academia, pharmaceutical, and food and beverage industries can now benefit from the Thermo Scientific Xcalibur 4.5 software, providing intelligent data acquisition for small molecule workflows. The latest updates enhance the AcquireX Intelligent Data Acquisition Workflow with more features and flexibility for structural elucidation of metabolites and applications such as metabolomics and lipidomics research, leachable/extractable impurities identification and forensic toxicology. The new Advanced Deep Scan data acquisition workflow allows users to submit several samples in the same experiment and combine inclusion or exclusion lists.

Thermo Fisher Scientific will showcase its newest products, software solutions and collaborations in a company-hosted virtual event, "Innovation Summit: Shaping the Future of LC-MS in Life Science Together," from June 8-10, 2021. Register here to learn more.

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Last Updated: 08-Jun-2021