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TrakCel announces general availability of OCELLOS by TrakCel, the all new, next-generation, out of the box, cellular orchestration platform to serve the cell and gene therapy industry

TrakCel announces general availability of OCELLOS by TrakCel, the all new, next-generation, out of the box, cellular orchestration platform to serve the cell and gene therapy industry 

Cellular Orchestration platform now live on Salesforce AppExchange(R)
Cardiff, UK, June 8, 2021 - TrakCel, the leading innovator of cellular orchestration solutions supporting the cell and gene therapy industry, today announces the launch of the General Availability release of OCELLOS by TrakCel (OCELLOS), its new next-generation cellular orchestration solution.

Going beyond Chain of Identity (COI) and Chain of Custody (COC), TrakCel has used Salesforce(R) to develop a solution-architecture that offers interoperable Base Modules that are ready for configuration ‘out of the box’. These will serve most of the needs of the cell and gene therapy value chain from development through commercialization. TrakCel’s experience in managing a broad set of live implementations (CAR-T, MIL, TIL, PCV, CRISPR) in allogeneic and autologous settings has led to the development of the initial set of Base Modules. The Module Library, already the largest in the industry, is growing regularly based on community demand, allowing TrakCel to further add new capabilities to OCELLOS.

TrakCel has partnered with Mulesoft (TM) to develop an Integration Hub that centralizes integrations with service providers and utilities into one, API (Application Programming Interface)-sharing module.  The number of live integrations is growing with service providers, information systems and other utilities.  The Integration Hub allows for powerful patient service and business decision making flexibility, reporting and analysis. 

The Module Library and Integration Hub make OCELLOS faster, easier and more cost-effective to implement and use. The configurability, useability and scalability of the solution is unmatched and is the enabler the industry has been wanting to improve visibility into value chains and to provide the flexibility the rapidly changing environment requires. TrakCel can offer OCELLOS as a ready-made, end-to-end solution to manage the value chain of advanced therapies. 

“The General Availability of OCELLOS by TrakCel marks a leap into the future for cell orchestration solutions.  We now have a platform that is built specifically to allow scalability and flexibility.  As our Module Library and Integrations grow our clients will enjoy faster and more cost-effective start-ups and all of it will be easier to use and understand,” says Fiona Withey, CEO at TrakCel. “I think our clients will be very impressed with OCELLOS by TrakCel’s useability and I encourage service providers in the CGT space to contact us to schedule integrations so that your services can be immediately available to our clients.”
OCELLOS is available today on the Salesforce AppExchange here.

About TrakCel
TrakCel is the leading innovator of integrated technologies specifically created in 2012 to manage the international autologous and allogeneic cell, gene and immunotherapy supply chain. TrakCel's software platform has been developed in collaboration with, and increasingly adopted by leading companies in the cell, gene and immunotherapy industries. TrakCel’s solutions deliver real-time control over the entire therapeutic supply chain, from sample collection through manufacturing to treatment delivery. The TrakCel platform accelerates global scale-up and scale-out of cell and gene therapy products, increasing efficiency and decreasing complexity, while maintaining treatment collection to administration compliance and traceability.  TrakCel is headquartered in Cardiff, Wales, UK with US offices in California and New Jersey.

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Last Updated: 09-Jun-2021