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Digital Pharma Manufacturing Revolution In Cases

Top-level management from pharma companies and IT leaders from the manufacturing and packaging sector get together at Pharmaceutical Manufacturing & Packaging Congress (PHARMAP 2021) on 28-29, Juneat the BGS online platform to discuss the points of digital integration for the manufacturing sector of the industry.

The pharmaceutical industry is not the oldest player in the digital transformation field, but its needs are growing and possibilities are boundless. In so doing, major companies investing in the digital field to keep more resources and get more profit was just a matter of time. ‘There are limitless possibilities to improve production, and pharma manufacturers should continue to develop and adapt all digital cases it can reach to remain a top-performing high-technology sector.’ says PHARMAP 2021 project director Natalya Kuznetsova.

Digital upgrades for traditional processes can improve and develop every part of the manufacturing industry:

  • analyzing ways of producing drugs with the help of special software allows them to use fewer resources;
  • getting data from the equipment before it breaks extends the machine’s lifetime;
  • predicting employee’s behaviour and its analysis lets management understand how to ensure a working environment and get qualitative results from every specialist. 

All these topics are covered at the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing & Packaging Congress 2021 by the major industrial companies at the sessions dedicated to the pharma manufacturing revolution and performance on the market. The presentations and cases are prepared by heads of departments and top managers from Sanofi, Takeda, Abbott, GlaxoSmithKline, Roche, Merck, Novo Nordisk, Novartis Oncology.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing & Packaging Congress is the networking platform for top management from pharmaceutical companies. It is a place for experts to share their cases, exhibitors to showcase their solutions, and industry representatives to discuss pharmaceutical trends at one place.

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Last Updated: 15-Jun-2021