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Celemics Partner with Strand Life Science and their StrandOmics Analysis Platform

  • Strand Life Science will provide their StrandOmics analysis platform in conjunction with Celemics bioinformatic pipeline, including assay-specific variant filters with a complete sample-to-report solution.
  • This partnership will help to provide guaranteed clinical-grade data compliance for customers

June 16, 2021, Seoul Korea – Life Science Newswire – Celemics ( co-founder and CEO Dr. Hyoki Kim announced a partnership with Strand Life Sciences, a leading precision medicine informatics company, to develop a bioinformatics solution capable of providing users with an accelerated means of producing high-quality, in-class clinical genomics reports and enabling a complete sample-to-answer solution, including assay-specific variant filters.

Under the agreement, Strand Life Science will integrate the Celemics bioinformatics pipeline into the StrandOmics tertiary analysis platform to enable Celemics with a complete sample-to-report solution. Leveraging the StrandOmics platform, Celemics plans to serve an expanding global market with clinical-grade data compliance and guaranteed data residency for customers in Europe, Asia, and beyond.

Celemics Co-Founder and CEO Hyoki Kim said, “We are excited about this new partnership with Strand Life Sciences. Their expertise in the engineering of NGS systems and long track record with the instrument and diagnostic companies will be valuable in accelerating our path to market integration."

Also, Stand Life Sciences CEO Dr. Ramesh Hariharan said, "With our unique track record of running NGS labs as well as interpretation support for genetic tests, we are excited to partner with Celemics to help bring their cancer; inherited cancer, and rare disease panels to the market."

Founded in 2000 by academics from the Indian Institute of Science, Strand Life Sciences is a specialized genomics solutions company offering bioinformatics, knowledge-based curation development, software, assay design, and clinical research services globally, and also operates a diagnostics reference lab with a focus on genomics and oncology in India.

Celemics is a biotech company developing and supplying critical enabling solutions in genomics, antibody discovery, medicine, biopharma, microbiome, synthetic biology, and AgBio.  Founded in 2010, Celemics has focused in the last several years on providing target enrichment panels to Europe and Asia for various applications, including oncology, inherited disease, and genetic marker discovery.

Additional Information

About Celemics: Celemics is a Korea-based biomaterial technology leader that has developed a range of innovative biomaterials and sequencing methods for use in the medical, pharmaceutical, microbiome, synthetic biology, and breeding fields. Since its founding in 2010, the company has developed Massively Separated, and Sequence Identified Cloning (MSSIC™), a highly efficient massive cloning technology that serves as a foundation technology for Celemics solutions. Celemics is currently the only NGS-based Target Capture Kits manufacturer in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. The company has also developed Barcode-Tagged Sequencing (BTSeq™), a novel sequencing methodology established as a high-quality alternative to Sanger sequencing, and TrueRepertoire™ aimed to help vaccine developers accelerate antibody excavation.

Strand Life Science: Strand Life Sciences is a Bangalore-based bioinformatics company founded in 2000 by entrepreneurs from the Indian Institute of Science. Strand’s mission is to support precision medicine across the entire R&D lifecycle, from the lab to the clinic to data analysis. To that end, Strand has developed tools, platforms, and services that span these disciplines. Key achievements include a cutting edge NGS liquid biopsy assay for early detection of oral cancer from saliva; a knowledge-base for interpretation of solid tumor and heme variants with over 500 genes, 20,000 variants, 110 FDA drugs, and 80,000 clinical trials; a CAP and NABL-accredited genomics lab that has tested ≈10,000 samples in oncology, germline cancer, and rare diseases; Strand NGS, a software platform for secondary and tertiary analysis of NGS data; StrandOmics, a HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based platform for germline and somatic variant interpretation and reporting, used to generate clinical reports on the ≈10,000 samples tested in their labs; and StrandIris, a fully automated, HIPAA-compliant cloud solution for interpretation and reporting of somatic variants. Underpinning these achievements is a strong track record of delivery on software development, assay development, and biomarker studies projects with leading US-based instrument, diagnostics, pharmaceutical, and biotech companies, a customer-base spanning ≈200 academics and diagnostics companies, and ≈25,000 citations of products developed at Strand since 2005.

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Last Updated: 16-Jun-2021