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New pharma marketing podcast launches with a mission to make the patient voice matter

New pharma marketing podcast launches with a mission
to make the patient voice matter


A new podcast aimed at pharma marketeers, and everyone interested in how technology can help create better health outcomes for patients, has launched today (17 June, 2021).


Sponsored by PatientMetrx, the only data insight service that provides patient confidence scores by medicine, the Making the Patient Voice Matter podcast is hosted by veteran BBC broadcaster Clare English. She is joined in the first episode by guest Gaurav Sanganee, former 'big pharma' brand marketeer and founder of Closing Delta, a consultancy set up to help pharmaceutical companies ‘unlock the digital divide’. 


In the in-depth and far-ranging interview (available now on Apple, Spotify and Amazon),  Gaurav and Clare discuss digital transformation and the shifting role of pharma marketing.


Old and new methods of pharma marketing are discussed, particularly in the context of the pandemic and how pharma has had to adopt and accelerate digital transformation plans. Traditional marketing models have changed forever and pharma marketeers are finding that they need to embrace new channels and tools to market their medicines and build their brands.


For Gaurav, the crux of the matter is the industry needing to be willing and able to hear what patients are saying. In the podcast he describes that it’s going to take a step change in approach to allow this to happen: “If you really want to open the door, if you really want to push through, it requires a hell of a lot of effort,” he says. “Very few nails will get knocked into a wall with one smack of a hammer.”


He continues: “We are massively focused on the healthcare professional. And don't get me wrong, the healthcare professional is incredibly important. But they're a conduit to the final, which is the patient. Making sure that we don't have this one size fits all approach in terms of patients, because actually, if patients aren't happy with their medication, or they're not happy with their treatment, guess what, they're less likely to remain on it and therefore your outcomes fall.”


Jo Halliday, CEO of Talking Medicines, the parent company of PatientMetRx which sponsors the podcast said: “Pharma marketing is evolving and the Making the Patient Voice Matter podcast makes for fascinating listening. Companies around the world are realising that unless they actively look to change they’ll be left behind. Hearing insight from a seasoned practitioner like Gaurav Sanganee, who features in episode one of the podcast, shows that patient centricity must lie at the heart of digital transformation strategies.”


Further episodes will be published in the coming months and the podcast is available to listen on Apple, Spotify and Amazon at:






A transcript of the podcast is available on request.


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Last Updated: 17-Jun-2021