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CD BioSciences To Offer Statistical Analysis Plan Service for Clinical Trials

CD BioSciences, a provider of comprehensive clinical trial services with over a decade of experience, now introduces statistical analysis plan services for various clinical trials to the research community. Scientists now are accessible to CD BioSciences to develop a clear and comprehensible plan to build tables, data and lists for dataset analysis and plan preparation.

The statistical analysis plan (SAP) describes the planned analysis of clinical trials. Compared to the protocol that outlines the analysis, the SAP is a technical document detailing the statistical techniques of research analysis. The SAP defines all statistical outputs that will be included in the clinical study report. The SAP and the annotated CRFs are the most commonly used documents for statistical programmers to create their deliverables.

CD BioSciences' statistical experts will help researchers develop a clear and comprehensible plan to build tables, data and lists for dataset analysis and plan preparation. The comprehensive design of SAP for the various clinical trials includes missing data handling, statistical procedures, measures to adjust for multiplicity, confounders and heterogeneity, sensitivity analyses and programming plans. Any needs of the customer will be taken into consideration at CD BioSciences.

For example, CD BioSciences can use listwise deletion, and recover the values, educated guessing, average imputation, common-point imputation, regression substitution or multiple imputation to help scientists to handle with the missing data. For statistical procedures, its experts will help clients add substructures to break through the statistical methods, with parameters/nonparametric/binary endpoints, or continuous/category/binary data. For measures to adjust for multiplicity, confounders and heterogeneity, CD BioSciences experts could evaluate the various approaches and determine which adjustment approach is best suited to the situation in studies, using usual Bonferroni and sequentially rejective Bonferroni methods or Hochberg method,. Its statisticians will also develop an independent correction method for heterogeneity adjustment and make it the best fit for clients' research.

"To address the increased demand for high quality clinical biostatistics services to advance critical clinical trials, CD BioSciences has specifically developed the Study Design services, including this new serial of SAP services. We're experienced in various types of study design in many different clinical areas such as central nervous system, cardiovascular, immunology, pediatric, oncology and hematology." said Helen James, senior scientist at CD BioSciences.

"We guarantee the confidentiality and sensitivity of our customers' data. We are committed to providing you with timely and high-quality deliverables. At the same time, we guarantee cost-effective, complete and concise reports." added Helen.

For more detailed information on statistical analysis plan services or other related services, please visit CD BioSciences at

About CD BioSciences

Based in the US, CD BioSciences offers a full range of clinical trial consulting, design, conduction, management, reporting and analysis services to advance clients' clinical trial development needs. Its clinical trial services focus on the entire clinical trial lifecycle including bioanalytical lab testing, clinical pharmacology, first-in-human (FIH), proof of concept (POC), early phase trials, phase IIa trials, phase IIb-III trials, phase IIIb-IV trials, CDM analysis and reporting. CD BioSciences has provided professional support to local, national, and international clients.

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Last Updated: 22-Jun-2021