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MicrobioSeq Introduces Skin Microbiome Solutions to Accelerate Research and Practice

MicrobioSeq represents the microbial genomics division of CD Genomics headquartered in New York, USA. CD Genomics is a genomics service company with a good reputation in providing reliable de novo sequencing, genotyping, microarray, and bioinformatics services. With years of experience in the pharmaceutical and life science sector, CD Genomics has recently announced solutions for skin microbiome research.


The skin is the largest organ of the human body, which acts as an irreplaceable barrier to the external environment and resists the invasion of foreign substances. At the same time, the skin is also the place where the human body comes into contact with the external environment. Therefore, the human skin is the home of millions of fungi, bacteria and viruses. Different microorganisms grow on specific parts of the skin and play a protective role.


The ecological imbalance of skin microorganisms can induce a variety of skin conditions, such as acne, psoriasis, eczema, etc. Therefore, understanding the characteristics of skin microflora is critical to exploring the evolution of host-microbe symbiosis, development of the immune system, diagnosis of diseases, and the causes of diseases that may affect humans.


“We can do skin microbial identification and skin microbial quantification, which can help us study the evolutionary relationship of skin microbes and the relationship between skin microbes and diseases. We have tested and analyzed various skin microbiome samples and can help you uncover the diversity, abundance, evolutionary relationship of microbiome colonizing the skin surface by using next-generation sequencing (NGS), PacBio SMRT sequencing, and Nanopore sequencing platforms. In addition to this, we also utilize the real-time qPCR technology platform for the qualitative and quantitative study of the skin microbiome.” said the Chief Scientist of CD Genomics.


What are the main research directions of CD Genomics’s Skin Microbiome Research?

  1. Explore the differences of microbial community structure in different parts of the skin
  2. Study changes in the skin microbiome at the different developmental stage
  3. Explore the differences in skin microbial composition between the healthy group and the diseased group
  4. Explore the changes of the skin microbiome in different environments
  5. Study the dynamic relationship between the skin microflora and the skin health


If you are interested in CD Genomics’s skin microbiome research, more information can be reached at its’ website.


About MicrobioSeq Divison of CD Genomics

MicrobioSeq is the microbial genomics division of CD Genomics, which is a genomics service company with a good reputation for providing reliable microbial sampling products, microbial testing services, microbial genomics services, and integrated bioinformatics services.


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Last Updated: 22-Jun-2021