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The Launch of U-Load Dextramer® with Peptide Receptive MHC I and MHC II Monomers Greatly Expands Flexibility while Ensuring Reliable Sensitivity in Exploring Diversity of Cellular Immune Responses

Virum, Denmark – 24 June 2021 – Life Science Newswire – Immudex announces the launch of the new U-Load Dextramer® product line that allows scientists to swiftly assemble their own sensitive antigen-specific Dextramer® reagents for immune monitoring directly in the lab using loadable MHC class I easYmer® and the novel loadable MHC class II monomers, U-Load MHC II.

Whether via flow cytometry or next-generation sequencing, U-Load Dextramer® product portfolio will allow scientists and clinicians worldwide to create fit-for-purpose immune monitoring reagents from the comfort of their lab while giving them access to the broadest human allele coverage on the loadable market for both MHC I and MHC II.

"Our R&D team has developed this new technology while keeping the needs of the customer in mind," says Henrik Martin Pfundheller, 'Immudex' CCO. "The fast and easy protocol, the broad allele coverage, and the ability to create sensitive Dextramer® reagents in just 1 hour, clearly offer our customers a truly plug-and-play solution; all they need to do is adding their peptide of choice."

This launch is the result of the previously announced partnership with immunAware. Immudex is now the proud global distributor of the high-quality easYmer® MHC monomers. Covering a large spectrum (+40) of HLA-A, HLA-B, and HLA-C allotypes found in many world populations, these monomers allow the creation of specific peptide-allele combinations suitable for epitope and neoantigen screening, mapping of antigen-specific T-cell responses to disease(s), and assessment of peptide-MHC binding.

easYmer® and U-Load MHC II monomers serve as the building blocks of U-Load Dextramer® and U-Load dCODE Dextramer® reagents, allowing scientists and researchers to implement the benefits of the Dextramer® technology in any project.

"Fast-moving fields like immune-oncology and vaccine development crave to understand the specific immunological response in detail and at scale," says Liselotte Brix, CSO at Immudex. "That is why we also have developed the U-Load dCODE Dextramer®. The flexible engineering of U-Load dCODE Dextramer® unifies the "plug-and-play" architecture of U-Load Dextramer® with the unique DNA barcode labels of dCODE®. It is designed for next-generation sequencing and single-cell multi-omics analysis, and we have made them compatible with BD Rhapsody™ Single-Cell Analysis System (BD Biosciences) and 10x Chromium Single Cell Gene Expression (10x Genomics).

U-Load products are available for a range of throughput needs. More information can be found at

About Immudex

Immudex ApS is a pioneering life science company spearheading the global adoption of precision immune monitoring. Since 2009, Immudex has challenged the status quo in immunology by shifting the focus of monitoring from signals to immunity agents. The goal is to utilize the complex actions and interactions of the immune cells to help researchers understand the complexity of the immune system better and accelerate and predict disease prognosis more accurately. To that end, Immudex markets prime Dextramer® and DNA-barcoded dCODE Dextramer® MHC multimer technologies that grant researchers and clinicians detailed insights into disease-specific immunity resolved to antigen-specific T-cell populations. Additionally, Immudex is mandated by the CIC and CIMT to coordinate yearly evaluations of T-cell immune monitoring proficiency in the research community and drive the generation of high-quality data that advance immunotherapies. Research, development, and commercial activities are headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, with operations in North America out of Fairfax, Virginia. Find out more at

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Last Updated: 24-Jun-2021