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Doctor Care Anywhere launches mental health proposition

Doctor Care Anywhere launches mental health proposition

§ New mental health offering now in UK market with new client Partners&

§ Key IPO milestone met to diversify revenue streams increase eligible lives and drive activation

Doctor Care Anywhere is pleased to announce the launch of its mental health proposition, with new client

Partners&, the first customer to offer the service. Partners& is a leading business insurance broker focused

on creating an engaged, healthy and high performing workforce offering its services to more than 12,000

SME businesses and individuals.

The launch of a mental health proposition fulfils a key IPO milestone for Doctor Care Anywhere, allowing it to

continue transforming patient health journeys and delivering new and relevant clinical services to current

and future corporate partners.

Doctor Care Anywhere has designed a digital first, integrated mental health service which delivers a joined

up healthcare journey via one app, providing patients with:

§ Digital tools that empower self help and mental resilience: in partnership with third parties delivering

a range of activities, educational information, games, anonymous chat forums and chat-based


§ Unlimited 20-minute GP consultation: designed to allow a GP to address multiple concerns and

symptoms to ascertain underlying health connections.

§ MindCare Clinic: series of 20-minute and 40-minute consultations focused on personalised goalsetting

based on a patient’s healthcare objectives.

§ Matched referrals: on going and effective treatment through access to relevant talking therapies.

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has generated pressures on mental health systems and consequently

workplaces around the world. Figures from the UK’s Office of National Statistics indicate that the number of

adults likely to be experiencing some form of depression during 2020 had almost doubled from 9.7% in July

2019 to 19.2% in June 2020. For those who require targeted support NHS waiting times are currently in

excess of 18 weeks for referral to talking therapies.

Doctor Care Anywhere’s mental health proposition delivers a much faster route to support and self-care,

helping employers support their workforce and maintain a mentally healthy and productive workplace.

Dr Bayju Thakar, CEO of Doctor Care Anywhere, said:

“Society is becoming more aware that mental health is as important as physical health, yet huge stigma still

surrounds seeking help for your mental health and even with greater awareness this is not translating into

action. The sheer volume and range of mental health services leads to disjointed and inefficient pathways.

Our philosophy of joining up fragmented systems is now being realised in mental as well as physical health.

“Doctor Care Anywhere’s entry into the mental health market gives patients a seamless solution that treats

the whole person. Following our recently announced partnership with Nuffield Health, today’s announcement

is another key growth milestone in adding higher margin and higher quality services and delivers a truly

joined up healthcare experience to our patients.”

Phil Barton, CEO, Partners& said:

“I am delighted to announce our innovative partnership with Doctor Care Anywhere, which comes at a

particularly exciting moment for Partners&, having recently launched our Wellbeing, Engagement & Benefits

proposition. We believe great mental and physical health support at the touch of a button should be for

everyone – this partnership allows Partners& to support clients, and their employees, with mind and body

health services at a fixed cost per person, no matter how large or small their business.”

Doctor Care Anywhere is now implementing an integrated marketing campaign, “That’s Me” to support the

rollout of its mental health offering proposition.

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Last Updated: 29-Jun-2021