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Is coronavirus still a danger, even if I’m vaccinated? A new rapid test needs just 10 minutes to show whether you have had the intended immune response

Is coronavirus still a danger, even if I’m vaccinated? A new rapid test needs just 10 minutes to show whether you have had the intended immune response


Levels of uncertainty are running high: the particularly contagious delta variant continues to spread. Although the number of corona vaccinations is increasing at the same time, it triggers no or a poor immune response in some people. An antibody test is a good way to find out about one's own immune status. The medical technology company nal von minden from Moers in Germany has developed a rapid test that can reliably detect antibodies against the COVID-19 pathogen in the blood. And it does so within only 10 minutes. The NADAL COVID-19 S1-NAb test is available now.


"Unfortunately, vaccination protection against Corona is not always as good as hoped," says Thomas Zander, Managing Director of nal von minden GmbH from Moers in Germany. Especially in people with weak immune systems or other individual pre-existing conditions, a Corona vaccination can trigger a poor immune response or none at all, as Zander points out: "Several studies indicate a lower effectiveness of the vaccines in these groups of people. Patients whose immune system is slowed down by medication are particularly affected – for example after organ transplants, certain cancer therapies or because they have an autoimmune disease such as diabetes or rheumatism."


In addition to this is the fact that the vaccines themselves don’t offer 100 percent protection from coronavirus. The proven efficacy – depending on the vaccine – lies between 65 and 95%. (Source: RKI, as of 1.6.2021,


“The protection offered from vaccines against coronavirus is unfortunately not as good as we would have hoped,” says Thomas Zander, CEO at nal von minden GmbH. Whether the vaccine has ‘worked’ in individual cases can be determined by the use of a new rapid test: The NADAL COVID-19 S1-NAb Test detects antibodies that have a potentially neutralising effect against the coronavirus, and so can protect against a COVID-19 infection.


Zander goes on to explain: “In order that a vaccinated person can be properly protected against coronavirus, antibodies must form in the blood following vaccination. These antibodies ensure that, should an individual come into contact with the virus, it would be immediately recognised and repelled. It is these antibodies that can be detected with our new rapid test.”


A tiny prick of the finger – half the size of what’s needed for monitoring blood sugar – is enough. The drop of blood is then added to the test cassette provided. Results are available within 10 minutes. The rapid test is only to be carried out by medical personnel – it is not for self-use.


If receiving a two-dose coronavirus vaccine, it is generally recommended to carry out the new rapid test at least 2 weeks after the first appointment. If the test is negative, it can be repeated two weeks after the second vaccination, and again any time thereafter. It is still how long the protection offered by vaccines lasts, or if a further dose is necessary.


Important information: For anybody who is interested in having a COVID-19 S1-NAb Test carried out, this can be done by your GP. Depending on the practice, this costs around £10.00

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Last Updated: 01-Jul-2021