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Oncodesign, Covalab, CheMatech and ABX-CRO launch DRIVE™-MRT, a premium complete, integrated service offer for radiopharmaceuticals drug discovery and generation

Dijon, France, July 1, 2021, 6pm CET – ONCODESIGN (ALONC -FR0011766229), a French biopharmaceutical company dedicated to precision medicine, Covalab (Bron, France), a biotechnology company specializing in the development and production of custom antibodies, CheMatech (Dijon, France), the European leader in the design, synthesis and supply of chelating agents and ABX-CRO (Dresden, Germany), the globally leading full-service CRO for molecular imaging and radiotherapy, today announce their partnership. This strategic collaboration will launch the DRIVE-MRT (Molecular RadioTherapy) solution. This innovative, premium service offer for therapeutic development is unique in nuclear medicine; it encompasses the full drug discovery process of theranostics, from therapeutic target validation, radiolabeled biological vector generation, lead optimization, preclinical candidate drug generation and IND, to the design and management of clinical trials.

The DRIVE-MRT offer is based on the complementary knowledge and know-how of each partner representing an experienced and innovative network in nuclear medicine. It covers a full continuum of technologies related to the validation of targets, the generation and optimization of vectors, the radiochemistry and PET / SPECT imaging techniques, small animal and clinical dosimetry, and a dedicated support for regulatory and clinical studies specific to radiopharmaceuticals. The partners have also been working together for many years, including for the pharmaco-imaging platform PharmImage®.

This unique offer relies on the specific expertise and the international recognition of each partner in the field of nuclear medicine. The innovation of the DRIVE-MRT offer is based on providing the clients with a continuum of innovative technological platforms (CovIsoLink®, PharmImage®, Qdose®) and corresponding expertise at each validation step in the development of theranostic drug candidates. The historic collaborations between the partners and their common, recognized expertise in the management of projects enable the global or partial support for the development of molecular radiotherapy and the corresponding diagnostic agent.

“We are thrilled with this new strategic partnership. We can now offer to our pharmaceutical clients a full-continuum, premium radiopharmaceutical drug discovery engine, from preclinic to clinic, together with leading partners. Historically, Oncodesign has delivered innovative drug discovery programs on behalf of third-party clients – this partnership heralds a new chapter for our integrated drug discovery DRIVE offer,” said Fabrice Viviani, general manager and head of the Oncodesign service business unit.

Covalab is pleased to be a part of this unique DRIVE-MRT project in which we are very keen to bring our know-how and innovative platforms in DNA immunization, nanobodies, humanization, etc. This will help in developing innovative molecules for the immunodiagnostic and immunoradiotherapy markets, which are gaining increasing attention from pharmaceutical companies,” explained Meddy El Alaoui, CSO at Covalab.

“We are really excited to launch this new service offer with our partners Oncodesign, Covalab and ABX-CRO. We can now supply our customers with a global solution and expertise ranging from the production of chelating agents, our core business, to clinical trials. This new step is key for CheMatech in the extension of our services in the development of radiopharmaceuticals,” said Frédéric Boschetti, CEO of CheMatech.

“ABX-CRO is delighted to be part of the DRIVE-MRT services offering to provide an integrated solution for theranostic radiopharmaceutical needs. It is now possible for customers to access a high-end nuclear medicine solution in oncology. All the specialties are brought together to offer a turnkey solution. With our unique translational medicine approach, we are ready to develop our clients’ products from early non-clinical studies to multicenter studies in humans, and to support our clients’ market authorization,” said Andreas Kluge, CEO and medical director of ABX-CRO.

The DRIVE-MRT offer strengthens Oncodesign’s Integrated Drug Discovery Service offering, DRIVE-IDDSTM, including theranostics. The unique, comprehensive, DRIVE-MRT solution enables the rationalization, design and optimization of targeted and effective radiopharmaceuticals against specific cancers, demonstrating preclinical proof of safety margins and a clinical support plan.

Oncodesign will organize a webinar in October 2021 to present the DRIVE-MRT solution and the expertise of its partners. Details of the webinar will be disclosed later.

Oncodesign’s DRIVE-IDDSTM offer is an integrated solution that encompasses all the discovery skills, expertise and platforms needed to design and generate drug candidates for therapeutic applications – including oncology, immuno-oncology, immuno-inflammation and inflammation. This is part of Oncodesign’s continuous commitment to improving its integrated and innovative drug discovery offer in precision medicine.
The first service offer in the range, DRIVE-SM, covers the entire drug discovery value chain – from hit finding to IND filing, DRIVE-SM aims to accelerate the entry of new chemical entities into clinic within an optimized time frame.

About Covalab
Covalab specializes in the development and production of high quality monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, and related services. Its scientific team includes world-renowned immunologists with over 30 years experience in innovative antibodies and their modifications; used in research and diagnosis and as potential therapeutics.
Founded in 1995 by Dr Said El Alaoui, Covalab’s main goal is to achieve national and international credibility and to bring novel therapeutics to the clinic and then to patients.

About CheMatech
Founded in 2005 as a spin-off of the Institut de Chimie Moléculaire de l’Université de Bourgogne, France, CheMatech is a unique company in Europe specialized in the design and production of chelators (DOTA, NOTA derivatives) for Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging. These molecules are used for the radiolabeling of biovectors such as peptides or antibodies. CheMatech provides its clients with a catalogue of chelators suitable for most radiometals used for PET, SPECT or therapy. It also offers custom syntheses, from the design of the chelator to the production in bulk. CheMatech is able to produce GMP chelators, and related molecules, for the production of APIs from gram to kilogram scale. CheMatech constantly innovates and offers new solutions thanks to an internal R&D activity and joint research programs with internationally recognized research teams.
Based in Dijon, France, CheMatech’s facilities include 500 m2 of laboratories with a separate GMP area. With 1,300 clients all over the world, the company is present in more than 30 countries.

ABX-CRO is an independent international CRO specialized in the field of pre-clinical and clinical (phase I – III services) contract research involving functional imaging methodologies with emphasis on molecular imaging with PET and SPECT, as well as Molecular Radiotherapy (MRT), oncology and neurosciences. Study design, placement, regulatory set-up, project management, clinical monitoring as well as technical quality assurance of imaging devices, collection, handling, analysis and reporting of image data is within the scope of its current activities. With a unique translational medicine approach, ABX-CRO takes products from the appropriate preclinical model, over Phase 0 microdosing, through to late-stage development, also providing comprehensive supportive functions (pharmacy/radiopharmacy solutions, medical physics, imaging, pharmacovigilance and regulatory services).
ABX-CRO is based in Dresden, Germany, with global clinical coverage through local offices in Australia, South Africa, Spain and the US, and a global network of established partner organisations for clinical and regulatory functions.

About Oncodesign Oncodesign is a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to precision medicine, founded in 1995 by its current CEO and majority shareholder, and has been listed on Euronext Growth Market since April 2014. Its mission is the discovery of effective therapies to fight cancer and other diseases without therapeutic solutions. With its unique experience acquired by working with more than 1000 clients, including the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, along with its unique technological platform combining Artificial Intelligence, state-of-the-art medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, regulated bioanalysis, medical imaging, Oncodesign is able to select new therapeutic targets, design and develop potential preclinical candidates through to clinical phases. Oncodesign has configured its organization to offer innovative services to its customers and to license its proprietary molecules. Applied to kinase inhibitors, which represent a market estimated at over $65 billion by 2027 and accounting for almost 25% of the pharmaceutical industry’s R&D expenditure, Oncodesign’s technology has already enabled the targeting of several promising molecules with substantial therapeutic potential, in oncology and elsewhere, along with partnerships with global pharmaceutical groups. Oncodesign is based in Dijon, France, in the heart of the town’s university and hospital hub, and within the Paris-Saclay cluster. Oncodesign has 230 employees within 3 Business Units (BU): Service, Biotech, Artificial Intelligence and subsidiaries in Canada and the USA.



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