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Alfa Chemistry Materials Enriched Its Supply of High Purity Materials

The research, development, and production of advanced technologies has uplifted the requirements on the materials to be used. Not only properties or performance, but also purity of these materials are greatly emphasized. Considering this, Alfa Chemistry Materials recently announces that it is planning to enrich its supply of high purity materials. After the plan is fully implemented, multiple high purity and ultra-high purity materials, such as metals or magnetic, thermoelectric and semiconducting materials, will be available.

High purity materials refer to a claimed purity of 99.9 percent or even greater. These highly pure materials are widely applied. For example, metals with high purity can be used in the creation of fluorescent lighting, plasma screens, LEDs, high-precision lenses and optics, electronic sensors, advanced ceramics, thermal barrier coatings, lasers, and more.

“In terms of purity level, the high purity materials provided by our company are generally ranging from 99.9% to 99.99% or even higher,” says the Marketing Chief of Alfa Chemistry Materials. “Many new or improved methods and techniques are used to produce materials to specific grades required by UP/UHP, semiconductor, electronic, deposition, fiber optic, and MBE grades. Only when the purity is guaranteed, can they become ideal for use in thin film deposition, crystal growth of semiconductors, and synthesis of nanomaterials and applications.”

Different types of high purity materials are available at Alfa Chemistry Materials, and researchers can find what they need according to the categories listed below:

Ag, Al, Al2O3, Al2O3+MgO, Al2O3+TiO₂, Al2O3+ZnO, AlN, Au, BaTiO3, Bi, Bi2O3, BN, CaF2, Cd, CeF3, CeF3+CaF2, CeO2, Co, Cr, Cr2O3, Cu, CuS, DyF3, Er2O3, ErF3, Fe, Ge, HfC2, HFO2, In, In2O3+SnO2, ITO, KF, LaTiO3, Mg, MgF2, MgO, Mn, Mo, Na3AiF6, Nb, Nb2O5, Nd2O3, NdF3, Ni, NiO, Pb, Pd, PrTiO3, Pt, Sb, Sc2O3, Se, Si, Si3N4, SiC, SiO, SiO2, Sm2O3, SmF3, Sn, SnO2+Pt/Pd, SrF3, SrTiO3, Ta, Te, TeO₂, Ti, Ti2O3, TiN, TiO, TiO₂, TiO₂+Nb2O, TiO₂+Ti2O5, V2O5, W, WO3, Y2O3, YbF3, YF3, Zn, ZnO, ZnS, Zr, ZrO2, ZrO2+Al2O3, ZrO2+Ta2O5, ZrO2+Ti3O5, ZrO2+Y2O3, etc.

“The production process of high purity materials is in the control of our professional technical team, so as to ensure that the elemental composition and structural properties of each product rigorously adhere to the standards,” the Marketing Chief further added. For more information about Alfa Chemistry Materials’c high purity materials, please visit or email us directly.

About Alfa Chemistry Materials

As a material chemical supplier, Alfa Chemistry Materials owns a comprehensive collection of product offerings, which include: alternative energy, micro-nano electric materials, nanomaterials, organic and printed electronics, magnetic materials, photonic and optical materials, and polymer science. After observing the market demand and taking what researchers truly need into consideration, the company has also added quantum dots, carbon nanotubes, fullerene (carbon spheres), high quality graphene, MOFs and COFs compounds, high purity materials, and molecular sieve to its main products section. The in-stock products listed on the website can be shipped out within 3-5 business days upon receipt of customers' purchase order.

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Last Updated: 06-Jul-2021