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Alfa Chemistry’s Elemental, Ions and Water (Karl Fischer) Standards Make Analytical Testing More Accurate and Easier

To further diversify and enrich the supply of analytical standards, Alfa Chemistry recently announced to add a new product line of elemental, ions and water (Karl Fischer) standards to its analytical standards, supplying anions and cations standards, elemental & metal standards, and total organic carbon (DOC/TIC/TOC) for lab professionals across the globe to assist their analytical testing attempts.

Analytical standards are widely used for the analysis and detection of chromatography (HPLC, GPC, GC), electrophoresis, microscopy, spectrophotometry, titration, and physical property testing. Each type of analytical standards can be used for different proposes in different scenarios.

The elemental, ions and water (Karl Fischer) standards provided by Alfa Chemistry can be sub-divided into:

Anions and Cations Standards

Anions and cations standards are mainly used in ion chromatography analysis to detect inorganic anions and cations as well as organic anions and cations. The Anions and Cations Standards provided at Alfa Chemistry include: Chloride Standard for IC, Maleate Standard for IC, Malate Standard for IC, Lactate Standard for IC, Glycolate Standard for IC, Glutarate Standard for IC, Butyrate Standard for IC, Silicate Standard for IC, Benzoate Standard for IC, Adipate Standard for IC, Malonate Standard for IC, Succinate Standard for IC, Tartrate Standard for IC, Formate Standard for IC, Cobalt Standard for IC, Propionate Standard for IC, Acetate Standard for IC, Multi Anion Standard 2 for IC, Glucose standard for IC, Sucrose standard for IC, etc.

Elemental & Metal Standards

Common elemental & metal standards include calcium standard, cobalt standard, sulfur standard, boron standard, gold standard and others. They can be applied in inductively coupled plasma emission spectrometer (ICP), atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS), and ion chromatography. At Alfa Chemistry, ammonium sulfate (CAS 7783-20-2), holmium standard for ICP, and sulfur in kerosene are available.

Total Organic Carton (TOC) Standards

Total Organic Carton (TOC) standard is a kind of reference substance used in quantitative TOC analysis. Potassium hydrogen phthalate is a common organic carbon standard. TOC standards can be applied in environmental analysis, pharmaceutical industry, electronics industry, and many other fields such as power plants, chemical and petroleum industries.

“We believe that via the use of elemental, ions and water (Karl Fischer) standards and many other analytical standards such as additional standards, food and cosmetic component standards, matrix materials standards, and organic pollutant standards, the various analytical testing can be made more accurate and easier,” says one of the senior scientists from Alfa Chemistry. Visit to learn more.

About Alfa Chemistry

With constant efforts in the product upgrading and optimization, Alfa Chemistry has grown to be the best choice to purchase analytical chemistry reagents. Its product covers analytical reagents, analytical standards, chromatography standards, derivatization reagents, instrumental analytical reagents, ion sensor materials, laboratory supplies, LPLC/TLC/paper chromatography and titration. All reagents can be used for a variety of analytical applications. As always, the company is fully supportive to scientists and researchers in their R&D explorations.

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Last Updated: 06-Jul-2021