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Alphega Pharmacy Proudly Champions TEAMtimefor its Members with Pharmacist Support

Alphega Pharmacy continues its commitment to help the wellbeing of its pharmacy members across the UK, as proud sponsors of TEAMtime with Pharmacist Support – running from Monday 5 July to Friday 9 July inclusive.

Following on from the successful partnership with Pharmacist Support in 2020, on the #ACTnow wellbeing campaign, Alphega Pharmacy is teaming up with Pharmacist Support once again to run a new campaign dedicated for its members. The campaign, appropriately called – TEAMtime, will encourage Alphega Pharmacy members to spend time with their team, putting their team members wellbeing first and having a well-earned break.

“We recognise that this has been an especially challenging 18 months for our pharmacy members, and here at Alphega Pharmacy we wanted to do something to help” commented Raj Nutan, Head of Alphega Pharmacy UK.

“Pharmacy teams spend much of their day focusing on others and can often find it difficult to spend the time to focus on themselves. But this is so important. During TEAMtime we want to help our members prioritise themselves and their teams. By working with Pharmacist Support and encouraging our members to make time for TEAMtime, we hope it will kick start an Alphega Pharmacy team wellbeing routine”

Across the week, newly trained Alphega „Wellbeing Champions‟ and charity ambassadors will be visiting members and encouraging them to participate in a number of activities. The campaign is focusing on four key areas that will kick start the campaign week, these include:

- TEAMtime Tea Break - Set aside some time at the beginning or end of the day with a cup of tea and biscuit, to just connect with your team and chat!
- TEAMtime Positivity Board - Create a board with post-it notes, to share the small positiveinteractions you have with colleagues and patients, to help you celebrate and appreciate thesmaller things each day
- TEAMtime Active Challenge – Being active is good for your lungs, heart, and head, so challengeyourself and your team to get out and about during lunch breaks or even before or after work.
- TEAMtime Mindfulness – Download a mindfulness app (e.g. Calm or Headspace) to help supportyou to manage day-to-day stresses and strains or simply complete a daily crossword or sudokuduring your lunch break to give your mind a break.

Raj also highlighted what mental health support Alphega Pharmacy are providing to its colleagues: ”As a business, we believe in not only supporting our members mental health but also supporting each other. We have committed to providing metal health first aider training to our Alphega Pharmacy Business Mentor team by the end of the year, with over 50% of the team already having completed the training so far.”

Danielle Hunt, Chief Executive of Pharmacist Support said: “We‟re absolutely delighted to be working with Alphega Pharmacy once again. We have seen through our research over the past couple of years, increasingly high levels of stress and burnout across the profession. We‟re keen to work with organisations across the sector to address these issues and as an independent charity, feel we are well placed to provide this support. Through our partnership with Alphega Pharmacy, we want to help pharmacy teams establish simple routines that improve mental wellbeing for individuals and organisations. We want to showcase how setting aside a small amount of time every day for wellbeing can improve mood, relationships and productivity.”

To find out more about how Alphega Pharmacy can help independent pharmacy businesses, please call: 0203 044 8969 or email:

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Last Updated: 06-Jul-2021