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G Water Introduces Novel, Organic Solution That Improves Lives

G Water, LLC. Seeks Partners and Licensees for Patented SalionicTM Solution; Unique, Organic Molecular Structure is a Scientific Breakthrough for Healing, Repairing and Rejuvenation of Cells and Tissue.

SUN VALLEY, Idaho--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#antimicrobialcleansingmolecule--G Water, LLC, a research and development company that creates specialized liquid solutions, today officially emerged from R&D and introduced its patented SalionicTM Solution for the medical, personal care and cosmetic markets. Users of Salionic confirm that burns of all kinds and wounds heal within hours and days versus weeks and months, hair is hydrated, shiny and more manageable within minutes, skin is softer and more youthful. In addition, this topical solution provides pain relief to burns, wounds and injuries, and can help relieve chronic pain. The company has developed a unique molecule that has a stable, 12+ pH, is hypoallergenic, pharmaceutical grade and is safe for use on the skin. The ionic charge in the SalionicTM Solution enables unprecedented, deep, cell-level hydration and anti-microbial cleansing in one solution. The announcement is strategically timed to coincide with this year’s intellectual property-focused Allen & Company Sun Valley Conference, also referred to as ‘summer camp for billionaires’ and known petri dish for blockbuster deals. The company is working with its attorneys at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich and Rosati (WSGR) to make G Water technologies available to selected partners through a license, strategic partnership or joint-venture within a broad range of vertical and geographic markets, worldwide.

SalionicTM Solution is made from a unique, carbon-based, carrier molecule that enables the solution to penetrate rapidly and deeply into the cell level. The cells and tissue receive antimicrobial cleansing and super hydration that sparks cell regeneration. It is this cell activation that helps speed the healing of wounds and burns, while making skin and hair more youthful and radiant. As a result, when used topically on the skin, it provides anti-inflammatory benefits, relieves pain and has antioxidant properties. Now with SalionicTM, topical pain relief can be achieved without using dangerous pain medications. Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties in the form of a solution can be used for the medical, health and beauty industries. The ionic charge and non-corrosive aspect of SalionicTM is a game changer for manufacturing. In many applications, SalionicTM can be used as an alternative to water. Its carbon-based molecule means that it is different than water, it is not water. It’s also the reason our carbon-based bodies respond to SalionicTM better than water. All of these many attributes have not existed in one product before, until now.

The company works with Eurofins SF Analytical Laboratories, a global independent market leader, for its testing and clinical studies. David Riggs, B.S., P.E., Business Cluster President for Eurofins SFA (ESFA) said, “I have never seen anything like G Water’s SalionicTM Solution where one liquid has so many attributes. The SalionicTM molecule has defied characterization and structural elucidation efforts to date and in my 20 plus years of experience, it fits in the top 5 of all the innovations and discoveries I am familiar with.”

G Water, LLC President and CEO, Dean Weston, explains, “We continue to baffle the scientific community with our new molecule. SalionicTM, with all of the many attributes found in one solution, defies the traditional laws of chemistry and is a true scientific breakthrough. We’ve created not just an alternative to water but a safe, organic solution that is an alternative to many harmful chemicals being used today and sent down the drain to our rivers and lakes. SalionicTM is pharmaceutical-grade, hypoallergenic and is better than water for humans. Amazingly, it’s a solution that can solve a lot of problems and meets the specifications for drinking water. This one-of-a-kind organic solution provides deep, cell-level hydration and anti-microbial cleansing in one product. SalionicTM continues to inspire us with daily discoveries and its seemingly limitless potential applications. Over the last couple of years, we’ve intentionally remained the best kept industry secret. G Water is now officially out of R&D and we are ready to present this specialized solution to potential partners so it can help even more people to look and feel healthier. Moving forward, we are excited to make our next announcement, which will be on our scientific breakthrough for formulations.”

G Water is working with several industry thought leaders for their feedback and input when using SalionicTM for various applications, as well as results for how it formulates with other ingredients. Heading up the G Water Health and Wellness Business Unit is Dr. Karen Joubert, PT, DPT, one of the most accomplished and respected physical therapists today with more than 30 years’ healthcare experience in the greater Los Angeles area. She has a distinguished list of patients that include professional athletes, celebrities, tech moguls and political figures. Dr. Joubert has been using SalionicTM to help cleanse and speed the healing of her patients’ wounds. “I know this sounds too good to be true. But using SalionicTM and seeing how quickly this helped heal my patients’ wounds has left me speechless. I am elated to have this unique solution to help my patients. This is a game changer for wound care!” said Dr. Joubert.

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About G Water, LLC

G Water, LLC. is a research and development company that generates patented technology to create specialized liquid solutions. The solutions are designed to provide a pure, organic alternative to all types of water. The company’s patented SalionicTM Solution is made up of a unique molecule that rapidly penetrates deep to the cell level to provide the body with unprecedented hydration and cleansing capabilities. This hypoallergenic, pharmaceutical-grade solution can be a stand-alone product or part of another company’s product formulation. Customizable to various pHs, Salionic is suitable for limitless applications in the health and wellness, personal care, medical, cosmetic markets and many more. G Water is working with its legal team to find strategic partners and licensees for its SalionicTM Solution. G Water has global patents and patents pending. With offices in California and Idaho, G Water’s manufacturing facility is located in Waterford, Michigan. For more information, visit:

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