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Velocity Clinical Research not slowing down, buying two new U.S. sites amid own acquisition

Velocity Clinical Research not slowing down, buying two new U.S. sites amid own acquisition


Bicoastal expansion -- New York and California


Leading U.S.-based integrated site company, Velocity Clinical Research, today announces it has added two new sites to its U.S. network, despite only completing its own acquisition to GHO Capital (GHO) in April 2021. Founded in December 2017, the company now owns 18 sites across 12 US States and shows no signs of slowing down as it looks to expand into Europe later this year.


Syracuse, NY-based Clarity Clinical Research specialises in Alzheimers and memory-loss research and will be expanding its therapeutic capabilities. Providence Clinical Research, based in North Hollywood, CA, has delivered over 200 clinical trials across myriad therapeutic areas. Both sites expand Velocity’s access to diverse communities, which is a priority for sponsors and the FDA.

Dr G. Paul Evans, Chief Executive and President of Velocity Clinical Research, said: “The capital from our new owners, GHO, has meant Velocity can keep expanding its integrated network of sites at an aggressive pace. Despite working on our own deal that was only completed in April this year, it has not slowed down our commitment to addressing an incredibly fragmented clinical trial site landscape in the U.S. by creating a fully integrated network. Adding Clarity Clinical Research and Providence Clinical Research to the Velocity network is testament to that.”

Clarity Clinical Research was founded in 2017 by Lisa Sonneborn, MA, LMHC, and specialises in CNS studies—primarily Alzheimer’s Disease, mild cognitive impairment and dementia, as well as NASH/NAFLD studies. The site is affiliated with a long-term care facility, providing access to thousands of patients who have memory loss.


Lisa Sonneborn, Founder of Clarity Clinical Research, said, “Over the past four years we have built up a strong profile within the memory loss therapeutic. Integrating with Velocity’s network will give us the opportunity to expand our therapeutic capabilities and support more patients through clinical research.”


Founded in 2004 by Teresa Sligh, M.D., and Scott Sligh, M.D., Providence Clinical Research is a multi-therapeutic research site with access to a diverse patient population. The site has access to a current database of over 20,000 patients and experience in osteoarthritis, atopic dermatitis, vaccines, kidney disease, asthma, diabetes, IBS and hypogonadism therapeutic areas.

Dr G. Paul Evans added, “The past 12 months have shown that if we get clinical trials done more quickly we can cut months off the development time for new drugs. The commercial clinical trials sector played a critical role last year in the race to find a COVID vaccine, which is why now is the time to keep growing at pace and become a dedicated partner for sponsors in both the US and soon Europe, who want fast patient recruitment and data delivery.”

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Last Updated: 14-Jul-2021