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HCP survey by Three Whiskey finds importance of patient resources has increased


London, UK -- July 22, 2021 -- New data collected by Three Whiskey, an award-winning performance marketing agency, finds that patient resources became an increasingly important asset during the pandemic, according to UK HCPs. 


The survey (N=136), which was conducted in February 2021 to find out how HCPs in the UK use and interact with patient resources, found that overall, patient materials such as websites and interactive apps have played a significant role in treatment practice with the rise of remote healthcare. The survey also explored the ways in which HCPs find patient resources to refer, the preferred format, and the attitudinal differences between general practitioners and specialists. 


HCPs use Google Search to learn about patient resources


Word-of-mouth through colleagues and Google Search are the most popular ways HCPs find and learn about patient resources. The survey found that 32% of respondents said they learn about resources through colleagues while 23% say they use Google Search to find them. Pharma representatives were the third most popular way of learning about resources at 17%. 

The datasheet can be found online here.

HCPs prefer websites as the delivery format 


Digital resources lead the way with HCPs. 34% of the respondents say websites are their preferred format for patient resources. Interactive apps are also a preference at 20%. When it comes to websites, NHS is the most trusted resource to refer patients to. Social media comes in second, and pharmaceutical websites are the least referred type of website among HCPs.


The datasheet can be found online here.


Treatment resources are key for specialists

When comparing preferences between general practitioners and specialists, both view resources similarly. However, the survey found a few key differences. While specialists find patient resources more important overall, the importance of patient resources to general practitioners has grown over the last year, indicating an upward trend.

Colleagues and Google Search remain the top two ways both specialists and general practitioners learn about patient resources. However, pharma representatives are the third most important way to reach a specialist. 

Additionally, specialists prefer patient resources around treatment options while general practitioners place emphasis on daily life resources such as management and caretaker support. 

The datasheet can be found online here.

The data sheet can be found online here.

“Patient resources matter to HCPs”

Tom Jones (Three Whiskey UK CEO) said of the survey results, “Our findings prove that patient resources matter to HCPs in the UK, even more so now as the pandemic increased remote health interventions. As the upward trend continues, those who create patient resources need to optimize the materials in a way that HCPs and their patients will find memorable, easy to use, and easy to distribute. Building and maintaining trust with HCPs as well as providing information that meets their needs in a format that they are comfortable with, will all prove to be key in producing a successful patient resource.” 

The datasheet can be found online here.


Download the full report here. To learn more about Three Whiskey and its digital marketing expertise, visit its website here


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Last Updated: 27-Jul-2021