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Biotium Launches First Ever Mounting Media with Far-Red Nuclear Counterstain and Autofluorescence Quenching Reagent

EverBrite® Mounting Media now offers options with far-red nuclear-specific NucSpot® 640 as well as TrueBlack® Lipofuscin Autofluorescence Quencher.

Fremont, CA, July 27, 2021 – Life Science Newswire – Biotium, a leading provider of reagents for immunofluorescence microscopy, is significantly expanding its line of antifade wet-set and hardset EverBrite™ Mounting Medium with options that include Biotium’s new far-red NucSpot® 640  nuclear counterstain. In addition, Biotium is also releasing EverBrite TrueBlack® Hardset Mounting Medium for mounting and quenching of lipofuscin autofluorescence in a single step.

Antifade mounting media, like EverBrite™, typically includes DAPI as a convenient blue nuclear counterstain for researchers performing immunofluorescence microscopy. However, cross-talk between fluorescence channels and UV-induced photoconversion of DAPI can cause bleed-through fluorescence in neighboring FITC or Cy®3 channels (see related tech tip). Biotium developed EverBrite™ Mounting Media with NucSpot® counterstains as a novel solution to DAPI cross-talk and UV photoconversion, offering bright and specific nuclear imaging with very limited interference in other channels. EverBrite™ NucSpot® 640 is specific for the Cy®5 channel.

Biotium’s TrueBlack® lipofuscin quenchers are unique reagents designed to quench lipofuscin autofluorescence commonly found in human and aged animal tissues. New EverBrite TrueBlack® Hardset Mounting Medium is the first reagent to offer both mounting and quenching of lipofuscin autofluorescence in a single step for greater convenience. EverBrite TrueBlack® Hardset Mounting Medium will be available with DAPI, NucSpot® 640, or without a nuclear counterstain.

“Mounting medium has traditionally only provided antifade properties and a convenient DAPI counterstain, but does little to address other issues with fluorescence.” says Lori Roberts PhD, Director of Bioscience at Biotium. “Our new EverBrite™ products aim to provide both convenience and novel research solutions for our customers.”

This release adds to Biotium’s growing portfolio of novel reagents for immunofluorescence microscopy, offering innovative solutions for all user workflows. Biotium’s new EverBrite™ with NucSpot® and EverBrite TrueBlack® Hardset Mounting Medium will be available in a standard 10 mL size or 2 mL trial size. NucSpot® 640 nuclear counterstain is currently available with EverBrite™ Hardset and EverBrite TrueBlack® Hardset Mounting Medium. Mounting media variations with NucSpot® 680 for the Cy®5.5 channel will be released in the coming weeks. Please visit the EverBrite™ page on Biotium’s website for the full list of available products.

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Last Updated: 28-Jul-2021